Wednesday, June 11, 2008

North Carolina Day 3/Virginia Day 1

We were up early yesterday morning to get back on the road and head for Richmond. We wanted to get on the road early so we could ride the Richmond course in the afternoon and then hit the water. The drive was mellow and were in VA by 4pm and it was hot!... again!

Me and the boys rolling out.

We headed straight for the trails and got in a mellow ride and it felt good just to get out and spin the legs out after being in the car all day. The bike course is fun, but definitely tough and will hopefully get easier with all the pre-riding that will take place before race day.

richmond bike course

After the ride we went for a quick swim in the James River, which is always and adventure. The water was disgustingly warm... probably 85. Swimming through the currents, rocks, and sand bars is always interesting but hopefully a couple of days of getting if dialed in will pay off on Sunday.

the james.

After the swim the boys dropped my off at the Crowne Plaza hotel where I will be staying through the weekend. It's the host hotel, it gotta a killer rate, and it's a 1/4 mile from transition and the trail head. Beth will be joining me on Friday afternoon along with my parents. I can't wait.... The rest of the week and weekend should be a lot of fun.

room service in the hotel. pretty good.

livin' it up.

tomorrow it's all about more course recon... and relaxing.


Jim said...

See you and Beth Friday afternoon.

Matt said...

What a great read, JW. I can just imagine all the loyal keyboards covered in drool.

Dial it in!

Benson said...

Pardon me, but is that Grey Poupon?
Looks all good dude.
Good luck this weekend.

Ryan Denner said...

"loyal keyboards" - ha!

nice work man... seriously, you have THE best summer road trip!

ramon said...

Reading your entries reminds me of the movie ENDLESS SUMMER...killer times with killer friends, but only with the that Exterra vibe :)Very cool dude. Good luck this weekend.