Saturday, June 14, 2008

Virginia Day 3

A view of the Xterra compound with the Richmond skyline in the background

Best day yet...

Before I get into what went down yesterday I need to day this: "The internet is taking over my family!"

My Dad has now started a blog and so has my little grommet nephew Greyson (with the help of my Chris and Courtney). Basically from now on we will never need to actually talk to or see each other anymore. As long as we can get an internet connection we should be good to go.

Dad's blog
Greyson, Chris and Courtney's blog

From a training perspective a left yesterday a "?" on purpose in my training plan. The bike course here in Richmond is pretty technical so the more time you can get out there and ride it the better. We rode it Wednesday afternoon and again yesterday morning and the second time was much smoother and faster. I was thinking about getting out there for a third go yesterday morning but wanted to see how I felt in the morning as I had been on my bike quite a bit over the past week.

cruising around Richmond

I got a great night sleep that started at 930 pm but still work up feeling pretty tired. I opted to not ride the course again and again the legs a bit of a break. I went out for 60 min recovery spin on the flats and did some sight seeing and hit the streets of downtown Richmond to pick up lunch. This was definitely the right call. I got back to the room, showered, put on my recovery gear, ate lunch, and felt much better.

here are some shots from the ride...

the james river

a shot looking back at the boulder hopping section of the run course

the infamous staircase. you have to carry your bike up these twice. it sucks.

you don't see things like this riding around so cal..

Killer spot i stopped for some lunch. Salad King's.

Lunch California style: chicken wrap on wheat with tones of veggies and avocado.

bag-o-veggies on the side

After relaxing for a couple of hours and headed down to the river to get in another swim in the river. After the swim is was back to the hotel and my parents showed up right after I was done watching the swampy James River water off me. I was definitely stoked to see them.

An hour later I was out the door and off to the train station to pick the Beth. Let me just say that train stations in urban cities aren't the most fun to hang out in. Her train was about 90 min late, but thankfully the little champ arrived intact. After that it was out to a good dinner and then time to crash.

Beth is running the 21k in a couple of hours and I am getting my pre-ride workouts. It's on!


Cliff said...


This must be a crazy race. Lug your bike up the stairs.

Have a blast on race day :)

TRI-ROB said...

Hey bud... good on ya for listening to your body and taking a little spin. PLUS... you never would have noticed some of the stuff you did without that extra down time. NICE!

Best of luck tomorrow! We're all with ya!

Oh... you definitely need to lottery into Alcatraz... or qualify or something! That race would suit you VERY well... particularly the run!


runninggunner said...

Have a great race.

Looks like a very cool race venue. I'm now 4 weeks out from my first Xterra and looking at your pics is making me much more excited.

Bryan said...

Best of luck James! Awesome job at XTERRA Southeast! That was one of your best races ever, IMO.

kt said...

Sweet post.

Have a great race! Can't wait to hear about it.