Monday, June 09, 2008

North Carolina Day 1... and photos...

Yesterday was a good one...

The home stretch.

podiums are cool.

Cody and me chill'n in the misting tent.

Cody post race at @ 2 Pesos... worrying a little too much about recovery... put some clothes on!

After a tough day of racing we finally made to Fairview, NC around midnight last night. It was a pretty mellow drive and house is incredible. We quickly settled in, grabbed a couple beers, and hit the hot tub. Perfect way to end the day.

Cody and I about to get in the hot tub... not at all gay.

I woke up feeling pretty worked this morning.

morning view from the crib... still celebrating!

We all took our time getting around and then we headed down to downtown Asheville. We stopped at Hearns Cycling & Fitness for some directions to the trails. The guys were super cool and pointed (actually gave us a map & directions) in the right direction. After we got directions we headed down to the Green Sage Cafe for a caffeine fix. The place was awesome and the place I dream about opening. Killer coffee, food... and beer on tap. They had grass fed Bison burgers on whole wheat buns served with organic sweet potato fries. I think we are going to head back for dinner tomorrow.

After we got our drinks we headed down to Pisgah National Forest for some riding.

Being the smallest guy doesn't always pay off... riding in the way back...

All of us were pretty beat down after the race yesterday... except for Trevor who was ready to throw down. We rode some fun trails and then got to gnarly hike-a-bike climb that totally sucked. The shitty climb brought us to the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Trying to find our way.

and again...

Trevor continued on the trails while Cody, Brian, and I cruised the road. We got in an hour of spinning at it probably helped but I was damn tired.

On the way home we stopped at Fresh Market to get some killer food for the grill. The call was for Filet Mignon kabobs and tons of veggies.

Trevor relaxing before dinner.

my dinner.

Chillaxing with the boys.

Since we got in so late last night I had celebratory meal and drinks tonight. Tomorrow we will be heading out for some more riding and hopefully a lake swim. More tomorrow...

ending the day the same way I started it... except this time with a beer in hand.


GZ said...

Now that is a sweet post. Bring on the vid.

I expect full reports on the brew that you are drinking. Wanna hear what the local stuff is ... hopefully you are enjoying that over the PBR.

beth said...

too busy blogging to call your girlfriend, i see...

looks like a fun day...celebration is key.

Matt said...

Freakin' epic. Live it UP.

Benson said...

Dude, you are living the life.