Saturday, June 07, 2008

Alabama Day 3: Race prep

It's 2:30pm* on Saturday afternoon and I am sitting on my bed in the hotel room relaxing, staying out of the heat, and off my feet. It helps that there is some good college baseball action on all day. We have two joining rooms and they are packed with bikes and gear. The rest of the boys are all glued to their laptops as well (free wifi at the Sleep Inn = killer). This is how we will most likely be spending the rest of the day.

*I probably won't post this until the day is complete and I am ready to call it a night.

This morning we are up and on it pretty early. Cody and Trevor wanted to ride the bike course again and Brian and I wanted to hit the first section. The Xduro 21k started at 8am and followed a lot of the same course so we had to be out riding before the got sent off.

The ride was perfect and I felt solid through the tight single track. The bike course is so fun and I am just stoked to be racing on it. After the ride was quick little run with some accelerations and then another lap in the lake. We all got checked in including Trevor who will be lining up for his first race as a pro. I am stoked for him and hope he has great rookie performance.

Brian and I stumbled upon the BMX track while we were riding. I was bummed it was closed I was going to throw down Cru Jones style.

After checking in we headed to Whole Foods for lunch. I am so stoked the crew is as into eating at WF as I am. I have eaten there three times in the last 3 days and we are headed back for our pre-race meal. By no means is Whole Foods cheap but at least you know what you are getting and there are tons healthy options no matter what you like to eat.

After lunch we went to pick up our U-Haul truck that will be transporting us and all our gear to Asheville, NC Sunday after the race. We be spending a couple of days in Asheville relaxing and riding some of the killer local trails. It's going to be fun and great way to relax after a tough weekend.

the rig.

So now our crew is comprised of two Amateurs (me and Brian) and 2 pro (Cody and Trevor). Tom had to stay at home because of some last minute work obligations but will hopefully be meeting us in Richmond. I am trying to come with some kind of drinking game pitting the Am's agains the pro's for Sunday night. Any suggestions?

in case anybody wants to know... here's how a 2nd year xterra pro and rookie pro get down the night before a race... boring!

Pre-race Whole foods dinner... a mix of everything!

my current favorite snack... fuji apple and almond butter.

Tomorrow will be a fun one with projected high of 96 degrees. The race doesn't start until 930 so it will definitely be blazing by the time we hit the water. I am hoping to be able to post a race report (via EVDO) while on the road for 6 hours while we are in route to Asheville..

stay tuned...


Jim said...

Cru Jones ???? Are you still dreaming about being the character in "RAD"? I guess you could have lesser heroes.....HaHa.

Have a great race today. Kick some Butt!!!


Zippy said...

Dude, if Glavin and Gonzales jumped to the pro ranks this year, you may want to think about, too. I mean you beat BOTH of them at World's last year. Take Phillip Glenn with you. Ha!

Mac Brown said...

RAD is my 2nd all time favorite movie behind North Shore . . . I still want a piece of Bart Connor to this day

As for drinking . . . CAPS of course, no better drinking game on the planet

Matt said...

Dude! Nice result.
G-O P-R-O.

kerrie said...

solid race! another top amateur finish - very nice.

emkruse said...

Saw the AG winners... looks like you killed it in Bama!