Monday, June 16, 2008

Virginia Day 5 - Xterra East Champs

The Family.

Just a quick one... with a lot of photos.

Yesterday was Awesome on many levels. First and foremost I got to spend Father's Day with my Dad and also my brother (his first Father's Day).

My little brother and nephew. Happy Father's Day

pre-race meeting

On the racing side things went well. After our early wake-up call I had my pre-race breakkie and I was off to transition. I will post more detailed race reports when I get home, but here's the results.

1st Amateur
1st AG
18th Overall

Xterra Press release and results.

I had a solid race and am stoked. My goal was to have a really good run and I did.

After the race we headed back down to my parents house in Virginia Beach and it was time for some beers and some Father's Day and Race celebration!

me and the champ... leaving richmond

Chillaxing on the porch.

3 Generations of Walsh.

Courtney, Chris, and Greyson

Greyson... show me love.... with finger...

It was a killer day... and Beth ended it with an Ice cream party.


GZ said...

PBR and ICE CREAM? Damn sam, you got an iron gut.

Live it

emkruse said...

super. man.

Flatman said...

Way to go, Bro!!!

Luke said...

way to get it bro!!

awesome job!!

runninggunner said...

Great race! Keep up the good work.

FatDad said...

Way to run down the dream Walsh! Great job.

TRI-ROB said...

Uh... holy CRAP! SO proud bro! VERY nice.

Greyson Scott said...

it was nice seeing you uncle james, high five on first place in the race i knew you could do it!

Endurance Performance Coaching said...

I love the finger you're getting from Greyson. Awesome!