Friday, June 13, 2008

Virginia Day 2

Morning in Richmond

Another day on the road and another day filled with good times...

I woke yesterday morning in the hotel after a good night sleep and just sat around blogging it up, reading blogs, and watching ESPN. I am kind of out of the sports loop since I have been on the road, but the Padres are playing better so I am stoked. I am also stoked that the College Worlds Series kicks off this weekend.

I met Trevor and Cody at the course at 10am. While getting ready we ran into our homeboy and "Mr. Xterra" Will Kelsay. He had just got done riding and was feeling good... and was trying to convince me to come out to Colorado in early August for a couple Xterra points series races... that's not going to happen... I gotta work... some times.

We headed out and my legs were feeling pretty good and almost back to normal. I still kept myself in check but definitely punched for a couple stretches. I am still not fully recovered from last weekend and I don't want to bury myself and deeper, but the harder efforts felt good. I also took a little spill, nothing major... just a couple of scrapes, but the crash was pretty awesome. Full-on flying over the bars with my bike following me and ending up 10 feet down the trail ahead of me. Sweet! No damage to the bike either so that's good.

After the ride I rolled into the parking lot to find Cody and Trevor waiting at the Uhaul. As I got off my bike I thought I heard some one say "Blood, Sweat, and Beers" from just across the parking lot... and sure enough I was right and it was Conrad Stoltz. I guess he recognized me and then Dan Hugo came up and introduced himself and a said that he has been looking at the blog too... pretty nuts. The two fastest dudes in Xterra have actually seen and read this thing. It kind of blows me away. I also had numerous people at the Alabama race come up to me and introduce themselves to me and say that they really like the blog. I started this blog 3 years ago basically as an enhanced training log but it has gotten way out of control! I still keep it for myself so I will have something to look back on but it's rad that other people enjoy it and my family can follow along... with everything I have going on I can some times be hard to have a conversation with. Thanks to everybody out there reading and leaving me comments...

I talked with Conrad and Dan for a bit and the we headed out to preview the technical sections of the run course and to plan our attack through the boulder field. We tried a couple of different routes and I am pretty sure we have the fastest route down.

the second half of the run... it's another tough one!

After the run we hung out for a bit and then I headed back to the hotel to clean up. I was starving and headed up the street to well known taco shot that had really good reviews: Cafe Ole. I am always skeptical of "Mexican" food on the east coast. Mexican is hands down my favorite kind of food and living in southern California I am surrounded by the best you can get.

Cafe Ole.

sweet decor.

tres tacos (2 chicken/1 steak)



The food was solid, but I am still craving my staple Mahi Mahi burrito on a whole wheat tortilla from El Caribe... it's been way too long!

After lunch I headed back to the room and crashed for a bit. I woke up with a plan to head over the Trevor's cousin's house for homemade pizza and a couple beers, but I missed the last shuttle from the hotel. So I just kicked back, put on my recovery tights (with shorts over the top, not cody style), and watched some baseball and the NBA finals. I fell asleep around 930 when the Laker's had a huge lead and then woke up to find out they blew it... get it together Kobe!

cody has some killer videos on his page... check'em out.

A lot of recovery is what is on tap for today. Beth and my parents will be in town this afternoon so the good times will just keep on rolling!


GZ said...

Beth meets the parents, eh?

I wish your parents had a blog so I could get the 360 on this reality blog-show.


Recovery tights? Is this just to keep the legs warm?


Paul said...

I've met some pretty cool people through my blog as well. I started mine out the same way you did. Looks like good times out there!

Gonna do the club race tomorrow. :)

see you around soon.

Matt said...

Dude, your Lakers are not representing. Look at the rosters. It's the NBA (Boston) vs. a bunch of euros (Lakers) who seem a little too hesitant to BANG!

Rest-up for that top ten this weekend. Hammer-time.

Big Rig said...

You should definitely head out to Colorado for the Xterra race in CB.

It is awesome course and the scenery will blow you away.

Shan said...

I've been lovin' the reports from this week - it's so awesome you made a road trip out of these races...

And many props for keeping up with blogging when there's so much to do with work and training - I find my blog falls by the wayside when I get busy, so thanks for keeping us all updated! It's a great read!

Go out there and git it this weekend!!

Jim said...

Get the beer on ice, we're on our way, or will be shortly.


Benson said...

A Super-man over the bars? Nice.
Glad your bike is OK...and you too.


D a v e P said...

Have a great race this weekend. See if you can beat more pro's than you did last weekend!

emkruse said...

Yeah dude, your blogs the best. Has probably one of the best collections of taco and burrito pics on the web. Keep it up.


Great BLOG. Why'd you let Cody walk around in his skins? The dudes around those parts will take it the wrong way...if you know what I mean? Next time throw him a pair of shorts or something. Good luck!