Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Race/Recovery Week?

After a pretty challenging couple of weeks and I was looking forward to a reduction in overall volume this week while still getting after it a bit as I get ready for Xterra Snow Valley. After not since the Xterra East champs almost 2 months ago I am finally itching to toe the line. I am not going into this race to fresh, but it's a short one and I know it will be fun out there. Even though this is a smaller points series race it has grown every year and this year the man, Conrad Stoltz, is going to be out there to represent Avia.

As Beth mentioned in her blog... she's moving in! I am stoked and Monday was the day to head downtown load all her stuff in a Uhaul and get it up to North County. We had talked about getting movers but thought we could just do it ourselves for cheaper. I mean how hard could moving an small one bedroom apartment be? The was probably the biggest mistake ever. It KILLED us!

14 hours later we had her placed cleaned out, most of her furniture in the house thanks to my awesome neighbors (not the ones pictured below) and remainder of her stuff in the garage until we could get to it. The whole day sucked, we were getting cranky and mean, and we both bonked only to be brought back to life with some beer and chips once we got everything it was unloaded. It was a long, grueling day but it was definitely worth it but not what I would call a recovery day. I was shelled!

The highlight of the day was when I smashed the Uhaul into one of the balconies in my complex. Sweet. I was freaking out at first but the property manager came out of her place laughing her ass off, hugged Beth, and told us not worry about it and that they would take care of it. I was stoked and relieved.

the damage. I'm a tool.

We are still unpacking and still have some work to do but it's coming along and my place is getting an overhaul thanks to Beth... but I think is trying to throw away my Padres bobble-head collection... I'm not into it. Hands Off!

Here's a photo of some of my neighbors.

As for training... it's coming along. After recovering from moving on Monday with and easy spin and swim on Tuesday I started to feel really good. I had solid brick workout Wednesday morning and then headed to Masters Thursday morning for the first time in months. Needless to say the swim kicked my ass, but it's just what I needed. I need to get back to pushing it in the pool. I can't wait to get into my next phase of training. I am changing some things up as I prepare for nationals and worlds. In a couple of weeks the focus will shift from building endurance (base) to getting fast.

running hard in circles starts next week. It's going to hurt.

I know I already said it... but I can't wait to race this weekend! I should have good support crew out there too... My sister, Nephew, Aunt & Uncle, and of course Beth will all be out there... Stoked!

last year at Snow Valley. I was 2nd AG and 4th Overall. I like to change that!


beth said...

don't worry, those beautiful padres bobble heads will find a nice home in the man room...the garage! there will be a whole beautiful "man display" - i will painstakingly arrange each bobble right next to your lovely jack daniels bottle (seriously?) collection. i swear, these things look nicer in the garage w/ the rustic feel in there and you can wave at them when you go out on your bike rides!

Jim Vance said...

Hahaha! You are a tool! Give me a call, as I have some ideas on your training to consider.


Stephanie said...

Way to go with the UHaul..THAT is funny and such a 'James' thing to do! The neighbors probably thought it was you again when the quake hit on Wednesday.

You better win on Sunday since I am getting Jake up at 0:dark30 to make it to the race in time....See you at the finish line.

runninggunner said...

Go Get It!!! Have an awesome race this weekend.

Driving a uhaul truck can be scary.

Jim said...

Regarding Beth's comment: Where is most of my "Stuff". That's right, in the garage! Women just don't seem to understand that a man needs to surround himself with seemingly meaningless, tacky items. It's what we do!!!! I have been granted some "Man Space" in my/our office/den. High on a shelf practically out of sight.

Do the WORK, the results will take care of themselves. Just hang on Conrad's tail......

Good Luck....

GZ said...

Now the UHAUL into the building. That is the video I want to see.

JW ... it starts with the bobble head doll collection, and then the JD bottle collection. Next thing you know, your favorite chair is out, you have pix up of flowers and birds on your walls ... then you are looking at different freaking colors of CREAM paint ("ummm, do you like the coffee, or the toffee, or the latte, or the mocha or the warm desert sand color?") ...

Of course it is all absolutely worth it to live it. I have all my crap in my man cave shed. Well, at least the crap that remains that I can find. I think my Xman comics did not make the cut.

Get after it this weekend. I will be pining for the race report come Monday.

FatDad said...

Last time I drove a Uhaul I took BOTH mirrors off in two seperate incidents!
Go get it done this weekend!

JP Flores said...

That's cool that your landlord was chill about the damage.

Sounds like I may see you at track next week.

Go kill it at Snow Valley.

SixTwoThree said...

Have a good race man! GO GET 'EM!!

Benson said...

Bwah ha ha ha ha! You crashed a UHaul truck into a BALCONY! Dude, you kill me.
Those little raccoons are pretty cool.
Ah yes, the garage is the last remaining sanctuary for men. Plug in a fridge, fill it with beer, crank up the boom box and dance along with your bobble heads.

I'm also excited for you to get out and race. Nail it dude.

Ryan Denner said...

roast that ish this weekend!!!!

Matt said...

I've moved more than anyone. It sucks and you ALWAYS underestimate the time, energy. This last time, I hired some pros and still worked my arse off and it cost too much (i even went cheap and ended up with a couple of trippers: it was like an AA meeting or something). As for the man stuff; you've got it good, homey.

Did the Elijo/Dieguito run today. San Dieguito Park is great!

Good luck this weekend.

Zippy said...

It's warm and humid up here at Mom and Dad's in North OC. I'll see you on the starting line on Sunday.

Cliff said...


I didn't post on ur blog but I've been reading it all along.

Haha that's funny aobut the U-haul..hey it happens ;)

Looks like u've been getting some good training in. Have a great race out them how a xterra should be done.. :)

TRI-ROB said...

get it dawg!

Make sure you share some of that pain while running around the oval in the coming weeks.