Friday, July 18, 2008

Vineman 70.3 Day 1

I was up a 2:30am to finish loading the truck so we could be on the road by 3. I think we finally hit by 3:20. The drive was actually pretty mellow and I was behind the wheel for the entire 542 miles.

Beth introduced me to the new iced coffees at McDonalds. So good, but she had to tell them I was allergic to sugar (is that possible?) to make sure we go the sugar-free stuff. She loves it!

We rolled up in Guerneville around noon and checked into our killer cottage at the Dawn Ranch. It's only about a 1/4 mile from the swim start and t1... and it's super mellow.

the crib.


After we got checked in and hit the grocery store for some berries we hit the road on our bikes. The riding our here is pretty rad and the roads are ok. Beth hadn't been on her bike all week so she just wanted to spin things out. I had just crushed it the day before so i was down for an easy spin. 1:20 later we were back at the cottage and on our way to the pool... that's how we roll.

solid ride with plenty of stops.

of course.

the team.

drinks anyone?
beth... poolside.
the russian river
After some chillaxing we hit a pretty good mexi-joint for dinner... and then of course hit up some fro-yo. Beth started feeling like she was coming down with something so we hit the store for some meds.... and the she made up go to bed... it was still light outside!

after dinner drinks. beth = theraflu, me = wine
going to bed at 8p is sweet.

tomorrow I am going to ride the course and beth is going to get in come race prep stuff. Get it!


Luke said...

tell beth good luck brotha!!

keep an eye out for those team wiens jerseys!

TRI-ROB said...

FUN! Man... I wish I was down there with you guys! SO fun!

Take care of the super star!


runninggunner said...

Looks like a beautiful place. Have a good time.

FatDad said...

Gald to know i'm not the only one turning in while the sun is still up. Is that an iPhone Beth is rocking?

Jim said...

Enjoy "Meet The Parents Night". HYope Beth is feeling better. I'm sure you will take care of your lady and give her all the support she needs.

GZ said...

Aww, that is so sweet. Couple with their laptops in the rack. LMAO. That is awesome.

Way to run support JW - that is awesome.

and BTW, can you like gain a couple of ounces? Those ribs look like they got to hurt.

Live it

Jim Vance said...

Dude...I hope Beth's parents are not reading your blog, seeing you guys in bed together!!!