Thursday, July 02, 2009

just another thursday... with a lot going on!

i have changed some things up on my blog... layout, links, etc. GZ should appreciate the new header photo.

after the race on sunday. so stoked to be done... and on the podium! (thanks to 623 tries for the race photos)

training got off to be it of an expected rough start this week after the hard effort/race on Sunday. Monday was all about resting. I slept in a bit, got a massage and adjustment after work, searched for and found the Stone's 13th Anniversary brew (it was released on Monday), and cleaned the bikes. just a pretty mellow day and good for the body.

tuesday i was back on the bike and hit the early swami's ride. i new right away that i didn't have great legs but I rode ok. about halfway through the harder part of the ride and after working pretty hard for 40 minutes i decided to just sit in and not dig myself into any deeper of a hole. i have a big weekend of riding on tap including the Racer's and Chasers race on saturday. it's a very low profile race for me, just a training day, but beth will be racing and ryan and sarah are coming too. it's going to be more about getting out, having a good time on the bikes, and then heading back to carlsbad for some 4th of july good times.

i haven't been talking about it much but I have been running a bit. pretty much just twice a week for 30-60 minutes. i really can't remember that last time i ran more than an hour or over 8 miles. i just want to keep the muscle memory and still plan on having some fun with Team BSK at the Dirt Dog XC series that starts at the end of august. so i am running just enough for to maintain a little bit and i like the cross training and not just riding all the time. i have been feeling good on my runs and just been running 100% on trails.

wednesday morning i got on the trails and just cruised. no intervals, just riding. the sun was out before 6am when i headed out. hopefully this trend will continue. i love early morning rides sans arm/knee warmers. now that's it's july i am hoping the june gloom is gone for good.

from the ride. i downloaded Picasa 3 and have been messing around with it... reminds me of my old photoshop days.

my training grounds.

in my last post i mentioned a new sponsor... and it's a good one. a couple month's i came across a new product at jimbo's: Nuttzo. it's a an omega 3 multi-nut butter made from valencia peanuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, and flax seeds. i was way into it after one taste... same with beth. anybody who knows us knows we like our nut butters. we ALWAYS have at least 3 to 4 jars in our fridge, it's usually a couple different kinds almond butter, peanut butter, and recently sunflower seed butter. so Nuttzo was perfect!

after trying Nuttzo I found out it was local company and got in contact with the owner, Danielle (in the video below). I told how much we liked Nutzzo and how I had been using it my pre/post race meals and snacks... it's awesome right out of the jar. We worked out a sponsorship agreement and I couldn't be more stoked. So beth and I will be fueling with and representing Nutzzo out at the races this year.

Check out the Nuttzo site for more information and also check out the incredible things they are doing with The Project Left Behind Foundation. Danielle's off to Nepal next week!

it seems i had a casualty at the rim nordic race. i didn't notice this until I got home. thankfully the guys at crank bros. are going to fix it. good company. gordon swapped the ti spindle to spare pedal that i had so i am back in business without adding too many grams (i know f'n ridiculous).


heading out on the bike now for some hill repeats... good times.


D said...

New blog format looks good (ya, it took changing the look to make me actually comment).
I hope NuttZo's not available in Canada. I'm just going to pretend like I know it's not!

GZ said...

Gordon's is some stuff. That stuff will knock you on yer arse quick ... 10% ABV if I recall correctly. I am guessing that pic was taken with the can full because if you had already drank it, the bike would be ditched on its side.

Ryan Denner said...

"now that's it's july i am hoping the june gloom is gone for good." - you and me both!

btw, Michelle introduced me to nuttzo a few weeks back, and I killed the bottle within a week! good stuff!!

Slater Fletcher said...


Hope to see you all repeat the weekend @ Santa Barbara.

Go team small!

Go team tall!

Benson said...

Oh yum.
all good.

Donald said...

Iam(was) a peanut butter whore! NuttZo looks awesome... but it's a little on the pricey side though... Happy forth!