Thursday, July 16, 2009


if you've been reading my blog over the last couple of weeks/months it's pretty obvious i have been busy... and the blogs have been kind of lacking. it's like all or nothing. so here are some updates.

first. training.

it's going well. my riding is really coming around and all the group riding is really starting to make a difference. i am regularly putting out more power on a consistent basis than ever before... and it's only the start. my big races are in september and october so hopefully things will keep progressing.

in the coming weeks i will get in more depth on my training on this blog and also figure out my racing schedule for the rest of the season.

second. Vo2 Maxxed.

it's updated. check it out. with all my diet changes i plan on posting quite a bit more over there and getting into more details about my nutrition and work back to getting healthy and hopefully more than ever.

third. beer blog.

it's updated too with my trip back east. check it out. i got to try a lot of beers.

that's it... i am rushing though this too (no surprise!). i have to finish packing and then get up mega early tomorrow to head to sonoma. beth is racing vineman 70.3 for the second time. can't wait!


Mary said...

Love your east coast trip update. Have a blast in wine country this weekend!

Maggs said...

Really, a beer blog? how did I miss that. I think the beer selection you have on the mainland is way better than hawaii.

GZ said...

Three blogs? And twitter? And Facebook? You kids are so hard to keep up with this dang fangled internets.