Friday, July 31, 2009

revamped race schedule

training this week is going well. i made a game time decision on monday night to pass on the tuesday's swami's ride. the legs were still feeling sunday's race and i may have had too much of a good time at pizza port hanging out with the beth, coach, and a killer crew. i just didn't think hammering a group ride was the right call. instead i just got in some endurance paced riding on the road and then later in the evening had solid trail run with beth... and felt great.

trevor providing much needed coaching tips.

so i kind of rearranged my week and nailed a hard MTB session on wednesday morning. I pr'd my race loop (helltrack) even with taking a face first digger on the final descent.

so right now my training is going really well and with everything that happened over the early part of the season I am kind of feeling like things are just getting going for my season. i did race quite a bit in the spring but not up to my potential. i was just digging myself into a hole. now that things are back on track i am filled with motivation to end my season strong.

one of my goals is to race well at the Rim Nordic series and do what I can to help the Celo Pacific team take the team title. Then my A race for the end of the season is the recently relocated US MTB Cup Unification Race at Bonelli Park on 9/20. so that's where my focus is but i will also be doing some more fun events through the late summer and early fall/winter.

one thing i am really stoked about is the Dirt Dog XC series. I will be running for team BSK... with a bunch of fast dudes and ladies. this series will definitely help me get back in running shape and it's just a lot of fun. the distances are short so even with my low volume of running over the past couple of months i should be able to get through the races and build on my performances as the season progresses. the finals are on 11/14 so i have plenty of time to get into shape before then.

there are some more bike races out there too. on 10/3 i am going to race the inaugural Socal Fat Tire Epic 50 out at vail lake in temecula. it's 50 mile mountain bike race and i am pretty stoked about it. I am training more for shorter races so seeing how long i can hold on should be fun. i think we'll have a pretty big crew out there. I also want to try my hand (and legs) at some cyclocross this fall as well. it's something i have wanted to do the past couple of years but my foucs on Xterra Nationals and Worlds has kept me from it. there are also some later season mtb races that i hope to do with beth. the more racing she can do the better so she will be prepared to tackle some Xterra races next year.

and if that wasn't enough... there's the 2010 Xterra Trail Run series that kicks off on 9/26 at Point Mugu. I still have some unfinished business with those races and definitely plan on racing a few of the 2010 series.

so much going on...

so below is the updated race plan... it's kind of like a wish list though as opposed to an actual race schedule. these are just things that have sparked my interest... and i haven't even seen the cyclocross schedule! The only things that are 100% are in Red. i still have some things in the works so there me some additions and subtracitons before all is said and done. so in some cases there are races on back to back days on the same weekend. that likely won't happen. i will pick between the two.

8/9 - Rim Nordic MTB #3 - B
8/22 - Dirt Dog XC - wild duck 5k - C
8/30 - Rim Nordic MTB #4 (final) - B
9/5 - Dirt Dog - Balboa 4 miler - C
9/20 - US MTB Cup Unification Race - A
926 - some options this weekend. undecided.
- Xterra Trail Race Point Mugu
- Dirt Dog XC - Bonita Stampede 8k
10/3 - Socal Fat Tire Epic 50 - B
10/17 - Dirt Dog XC - Couger Challenge 8k
10/18 - Incycle Cross Country Challenge
10/31 - Dirt Dog XC - Cuyamaca 6k
11/1 - Mt. Sac Fat Tire Classic
11/14 - Dirt Dog XC - USATF San Diego Open Championship 4 Miler
11/21 - Southridge 18th Annual Challenge (XC MTB)
11/26 - Xterra Trail Race - Topanga Turkey Trot
12/13 - Xterra Trail Race - Crystal Cove

so yeah... that's a lot of racing. there is no way i am doing them all.


IAN said...

Good Luck man. Looks like an insane schedule no matter what you decide. I am sure you can handle it.

Tawnee said...

Nice sched! I'm looking forward to doing the Xterra runs again this year... you and Beth and always more than welcome to crash at my house before the crystal cove run!

Adam Coleman said...

Dirt Dog FTW

Stephanie said...

Turkey Trot - guess that means Thanksgiving is at my house?

Jen said...

Holy Cow...that's a ton of racing! Looks like a blast. Good luck!