Tuesday, July 14, 2009

living it... east coast style.

a quick recap of a rad trip back east... with tons of photos.

our trip back east was a good one and we crammed a lot in a short amount of time. we got is some time on the lake wake boarding and water skiing, some running, hiked/climbed a mountain, tried some new england beers and did plenty of partying. as much as i like traveling to race i do really enjoy not having an agenda and just taking each day as it comes. we stayed really active but it was always fun.

quick recap of the trip.

after some long travels and some delays we at beth's moms house on the "pond" by early afternoon and were out on the lake in kayak shortly after. beth and i cruised around and then she went for a swim while i tried my first round of local beers from otter creek. the rest of the day was spent cruising around the lake and then finished up with an epic dinner prepared by Robyn, my future mother-in-law. the cooking skills definitely run in the family. great day.

view from the house.

beth and i slept in and ran around perkins pond. perfect day. sunny, no clouds, and just great running conditions. after the run we had a quick breakkie and then we hit the lake for more wakeboarding before we had to head up to stowe for the rehersal dinner.

friday in stowe was fun. i met some of beth's college friends, had more great food and drink, and even made it out to the bar for some post dinner fun. it was definitely a late night for me and beth... in comparison to our normal 9:30om bedtime.

martha trying to peer pressure me into taking shots.

we were up relatively early and hit the road to head out to mt. mansfield. it was a quick 15 minute drive and then we hit the Long trail. we hiked a portion of the long trail all the way to the summitt. it was rad and definitely longest i have walked/hiked in years. it took 1:20+ to get to the top and about the same coming down. our total time was 2:45 and was a gnarly workout.

views from the hike.

getting the garmin dialed in.

after the hike it was time to get ready for the wedding. the wedding and reception were incredible. during the wedding, while we were in the church, it started raining and by the time we were on the buses heading out to the farm for the reception it was pouring rain. right before dinner and after some of the best hor'sderves i have ever had the rain stopped and there was the craziest rainbow i have ever seen. everybody went out side to get photos... after the photo session it was back to dinner, more drinks, some dancing, dessert, and then beth and i scored a limo ride back to the hotel... again... past our bedtime for sure!

wedding photos.

we aren't always wearing workout gear or flip flops.


a makers please...

dirty martini(s)

good whiskey and lamb shanks = epic!

post rain rainbow.

beth and i got up and went for a mellow run on the stowe rec path. it was a really cool paved path for waling, running, and riding that takes you all through stowe. it was another perfect day weather wise. after the run we checked out and then headed back to the farm for the "hangover bbq". after some smoked bbq we hit the road and were back in new hampshire by early afternoon. i picked up a couple more local beers to sample and then we spent the rest of the day relaxing on the pontoon boat. we had another killer dinner and then we crashed. both of us were pretty beat from the past couple of days.

beth taking control of the pontoon boat.

my job.



i was up early for some reason. i got in one more run around the pond and beth got in a quick run and swim before we hit the road for the airport. it was another long day of traveling but well worth it.

now we're back in socal... but only for a couple of days. we are leaving super early on friday for Sonoma and the Vineman 70.3 (beth's racing). i am looking forward to hitting the Bear Republic brewery/brew pub... just more good times!


Ryan Weeger said...

dude gown and tux? get serious! glad you kept it real with some solid looking double ipa! liking the profanity trail, which is basically every trail i run if i ever run again :) come seeeth thou

beth said...

yes- the Profanity Trail was good, "Why the F&%^ did we go this way?"...
good times. you LOVED the lamb shanks.
we also took over the photo booth they had at the wedding. we abused it. might have to scan some of those in!

Luke said...

dude...ya sure know how to get it done! you kinda look like peter reid under that stowes sign. beth double fisted...classic!

runninggunner said...

Looks like a killer weekend. Jealous about you being able to hit up the Bear Republic this weekend.

Profanity trail = classic name

Caroline said...

DANG you two look HOT all dressed up! I can't even imagine how amazing you'll look when your wedding day rolls around.
Vineman70.3, here we come :) Is this my first race with Beth? No! Couldn't be!?!?

Sarah Huddyson said...

aw you guys looked goooood!!! looks like it was an awesome trip.


Carolina John said...

glad you had a fun trip james, you guys clean up nice!

good luck to beth on the vineman half. i'm seriously considering doing the vineman aquabike next year as a part of ironman prep.

Donald said...

As a fellow Coasty you should know to have your USCG PFD on... and your beer in hand so not to spill it!

Yasi said...

I've been reading your (and Beth's) blog for a while now and I just wanted to say that I saw you on TV on Saturday night! One of the sports channels was playing the 2008 XTerra World Championships and they showed you cross the finish line, it was pretty cool..Looks like you guys had a great time on the east coast!

Ryan Denner said...

dude, you are livin it! traveling, training, sampling brews from around the country.... way to be!

GZ said...

Ooooh - I can't wait to see the photo booth shots! ;)

You two clean up real nice.

FatDad said...

That's the way to rock the East Coast.

Pedal Circles said...

Looks like you had *almost* as much beer as I did last week ;)

Killer trip!!

David said...

dude, looks like a nice trip...