Friday, August 28, 2009

Friction Fighter!

a couple of months ago i got an email from the folks at Anti Monkey Butt Powder and they wanted me to test their product. With all the time I have been spending in the saddle and driving to races i was definitely interested.

once i received the Anti Monkey Butt Powder I began using it right away. it definitely works. i have been using before rides and runs, especially when it's hot, and it's definitely helped reduce chafing and increase overall comfort. I have also just been using it on a daily basis post workout while at work sitting in my office all day. it's definitely made me faster on the bike.... ok not really, but it does work and definitely increases comfort. I have a couple of road trips coming and I will definitely be using it.

I want to say thanks to the the guys and girls at Anit Monkey Butt Powder for giving me the opportunity to test their product.

training... i finishing up a solid recovery week and really looking forward to racing on Sunday. I have been on the bike but the miles have been mellow. yesterday i hit the swami's ride and put in a couple of efforts but then just played it smart, and didn't attempt to make the front group when they made their break. I had a recovery week leading into the last Rim Nordic race and didn't do ANY intensity in the week leading up to the race and I felt bit flat on race day. So this week I wanted to experiment a bit and see how i feel on sunday.

I have a chance to win the series but I am going to have to throwdown! I'm ready.


Zippy said...

Do eet!

Ryan Denner said...

that video made me speechless.

runninggunner said...

Have a killer race.

Slater Fletcher said...

ride like you got a monkey on your back!

FatDad said...

I hope your race is as great as the song in that commercial.

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

good luck on the race bro!
that anti-Monkey must be killer