Thursday, August 13, 2009

just training


first and foremost training is going great this week. i have had some really solid sessions on the bike and both my runs thus far have been really good too. the body feels good.

the training week started on monday afternoon with a mellow cruise up and down the coast with beth. just easy spinning and good times. it had been a while since we hit the road together.

i got down to business on tuesday with a group ride with the swami's and then I knocked out 8 solid miles with Toby in PQ canyon during lunch. I was pretty surprised with how my body bounced back after Sunday's race. I am attributing it to all the beer and fro-yo consumed on Sunday night.

wednesday was just a a couple of hours on the road bike. nothing hard.

today (thursday) was a great day of work outs. i was up early and out on the trails for some bike intervals. it started with 10 x 2 mins ALL OUT! I felt good from the get go and after the intervals it was time for a lap of "Hell Track". it's my "race" loop. it's about 6.6 miles with 1100+ ft of climbing. My previous best time was 40:25 and today i crushed that with a 39:37 lap! progress.

hell track

then it was time for another lunch run. i was kind of tentative as to how my legs would feel after the morning ride but they were feeling good. I knocked out a new fartlek interval workout on the trails. i started with 2 x 3-2-1 (mins) with each interval getting faster/harder and then knocked out two solid hill repeats with some 1 min intervals in between. i kind of made this workout up as i went and really liked it. it will be repeated.

that's it so far this week. tomorrow will be mellow and then the weekend is going to be gnarly... i am not going to go into right now but i am going to be putting in some mega miles on the bikes. this will probably be the hardest back to back days on the bike that i have ever put in and with some really strong dudes. can't wait... kind of.


Luke said...

on like donkey kong brotha!

Ryan Weeger said...

nice race loop improvement. i miss riding those trails back there. suck it up for the big weekend of yours!

runninggunner said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I love putting in huge back to back days.

Caroline said...

Awesome week! I have to admit that I'm happy others are going into the Palomar ride Sat with tired legs ;) if u and the boys have a few beers tonight that too might help me out. ha! See you on the road tomorrow.
Here's to some awesome weekend riding to come. Cheers!