Thursday, August 06, 2009

recovery week in full effect!

view from a morning spin on the coast.

this week is a recovery week and i'm taking full advantage. in years past i hated rest weeks/days and always just wanted to keep pushing. this lead to me missing a lot of good time with friends. i was so focused on my training and racing that i blew too many invitations to hang out and have good times with friends. eventually my friends stopped calling...

since this year i am taking a more relaxed approach to my training and racing, and i don't mean this like i am not training and racing hard, but i needed more a balanced year after 3 years of razor sharp focus on racing... and weeks like this are what it's all about.

i still have been riding and running but no group rides this week, no intervals, just keeping the body moving and it feels good. it's fun to hit the trails and roads with no agenda other than to ride or run.

monday i hit the padres game with a killer crew including trevor, matt, sarah, jim, brandon. we had a blast... probably too good of a time for a monday night but it was worth the price i paid on tuesday morning. it was good day... and night of baseball and good beers... and as and added bonus the pads actually got a rare win!

i had some more good times wednesday night at bestawan in cardiff with gordon, matt, brandon, and more... it's my new favorite spot.

on thursday i met up with toby at lunch for 6 mellow miles on the trails. he works right by me so i am hoping we can a lot more miles in the future.

this week came at a perfect time. i just threwdown some hard weeks and the next two weeks are probably going to be the most challenging yet so letting my body and mind take a step back feels good.

There should more good times on tap for the weekend too... on saturday morning i will be heading up to Oceanside for Surf Monkey to watch Beth race the 5k run as part of a relay team for Lululemon. We have a lot of friends racing too and I had some thoughts about doing the 5k too but I have the third race in the XC series up at Rim Nordic on Sunday. i am hoping to have some good legs and that me and Griffith can pull of another 1-2 in our category to get some solid points for our Celo Pacific team. Beth is heading up with me and there's a chance she may race too.

that's it.


Ryan Denner said...

"it's fun to hit the trails and roads with no agenda other than to ride or run."


Donald said...

Thats great man! I have rest weeks every week and I love'um!

Mary said...

Great picture of the coastline. I'm going to miss that :( Good luck tomorrow...have fun out there!

Charisa said...

recovery week rocks!