Sunday, August 30, 2009

Rim Nordic #4 Race Report (the finals!)

i had a really good recovery/race week leading up to the race on sunday. i had a full on recovery week leading into race #3, didn't do much for intensity during the days leading up and felt a little flat race day. i wanted to treat this past week as more of a "race" week and to try to lockdown my plan for my final big race of the year on 9/20, the US MTB Cup Unification Race.

So this week i added a little intensity by hitting the swami's ride on thursday and put in some work but didn't go as hard as normal, and then rode with the Celo Pacific crew on saturday and also opened it up a bit... but still held back and played it safe. I was also stoked that beth and a few friends cruised down for the ride. it was rad having luke, slater, justin, and allison out there dropping the hammer and pushing the pace.

the restof saturday was spent running around north county. we hit B&L to pick up my wheel. gordon once again dialed me in last minute by re-sealing my wheel. the support i get from gordon and B&L is HUGE. i never ever have to stress about my bikes... they know and love what they are doing. if you are taking your bike anywhere else you are blowing it!

after getting my wheel we knocked out some gripping wedding invitation shopping... actually i did have fun looking through the five 10 inch thick binders of samples at the paper source. our last errand was my favorite... we hit costco to start shopping for our (my) new TV. this is what i am thinking as of right now: Vizio XVT Series 47" 1080p. Any thoughts?

our pre-race dinner. bbq chicken tacos and coleslaw with granny smith apples. good. beth also made a killer salad.

breakkie on the road sundy morning: mesa sunrise waffles (gluten/wheat free), nuttzo, and agave nectar.

ok... the race report.

beth's race started at 10:12 and mine was at 11:34. so i watched her take off.

Then I discovered that my front brake was broken. the body of the brake lever actually had cracked and there was no way to mount the front brake to the bars. i have no idea when or how it happened. so i had to break out my macgyver skills. i was kind of nervous as there was still some movement but it was good enough to race.

I found out earlier in the week that me and Griffith (now former Celo Pacific teammate) were in a dead even tie for the overall points series. I had won 2 of the 3 XC races and finished 2nd in the other. Griffith had 2 x 2nd's and a 1st in the XC races, but also took the win in the stage race that i didn't do giving him another win. they take your 3 best scores and drop the others. so we were tied with 2 wins and a second place finish each. it would all come down to sunday's race.

the race started in typical fashion. Marco went off the front, taking the lead, then it was Griffith, me, and couple of others behind as we approached the start of the single/double track climb. then unexpectedly Griffith pulled a Bart Taylor on me (if you don't know who Bart Taylor is you need to watch the greatest movie of all-time: RAD). he slowed down and waived me around him just like Bart did to Cru at Hell Track. i wasn't sure whether to go or not. my plan was to just sit on his wheel and then decide when to make my move, and wasn't expecting for the games to begin right off the bat.

so i went around and he proceeded to just sit on my wheel followed by the others. i decided to keep the pace a little mellower than normal even though this was allowing Marco to open up a gap on us. about half way through the climb, when we reached a really steep section i decided to throw down a move and see if i could break away from Griffith and the others... it worked. See the graph below. it's pretty ease to see where i made my move... at the 1.7 mile mark... hitting 200 bpms!

near the top of the climb i caught up to marco and went around, taking the lead. i just kept hammering and got away from everybody... and this time didn't let up. I finished the first two laps and was still in the lead and wanted to make sure to not let up like last race where I almost got caught.

on the final lap I got through the first climb and then saw one of the pro racers ahead (they started 4 mins ahead). I made it my mission to get to him. this pushed me and i finally got to him on the final climb and passed him. Even though we weren't officially "racing" each other i road like we were so I would keep the hammer down. I was able to hold him off and crossed the line ahead of him, taking the win in Cat 1 30-34, and winning the overall series. Stoked.

the race data:
18.54 miles,
Avg HR: 184 bpm
Max HR: 200 bpm

i am really happy with this race and it's easliy the best i have put together from start to finish. i rode hard, and focused the whole time. i also rode the descents faster and cleaner than ever. I am super stoked that our team, Celo Pacific, was able to take 3rd place in the team competition. I had a blast racing the series with the Celo crew. Great people and good times.



once we finally got home from the race, got everything put away, and cleaned up it was time celebrate victory. i had been saving a good beer for this occasion.

Avery Mahraja (courtesy of Ryan)

then i cooked up an epic recovery/celebration dinner. sirloin burgers, turkey burgers, grilled onions, peppers, mushrooms, and sweet & purple potato fries. oh yeah.... and another beer! come see me!


Nick Brown said...

Enjoyed the read. Zip ties are great, aren't they? Glad I'm not the only one who has "oh shit" moments right before a race. 184 BPM for 1:30! Intense!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea...most importantly, way to kick ass from the age group ranks!

Ryan Weeger said...

Recovery weeks are obviously taking a toll on you...excited about paper for wedding invites? its all about that vizio and the bolts games every sunday!

Sarah Huddyson said...


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

awesome job dude!
victory very very well deserved! I'm amazed at how hard you are able to push! 200bpm at the beginning of a race is just insane!

GZ said...

MacGuyver! Sweet. Avery brew! Sweeter. Victory!!!

Paper for invites?!!!

Adam said...

I don't comment a lot, but read them all. Nice work man! Way to lock in the win.

Also, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one with a fast heart on races. I ran my last marathon averaging 185 bpm - for 3.5 hrs :)

Anonymous said...

Nice job and cool wright-up!

Toby Guillette said...

Way to crush the race and the series!

Pedal Circles said...

Congrats, dude!!

J.P. Patrick said...

Nice! What's next?!! I had the Avery Maharaja last week. I have another 22oz in the fridge that I may have tonight!

Gordon said...

Awesome Job James! We need to get some beers soon.

BTW I have a another Juicy Ultimate on the way but, bring the Yeti by and I will install a loaner.

Congrats again!

Rachel said...

Nice job! You're a super-stud! Btw, I don't know how you can down all that food! You're skinnier than me (and some of that food would make me sick for weeks). You must have an iron stomach. Wanna trade?