Friday, October 09, 2009

coaching, testing, racing... and beer...

kind of a mixed post. first of all my good friend, and the guy who helped me make huge gains on the bike this year, has some openings for athletes for 2010. If you have followed my blog you know i have been working with trevor all year and there is no question i am faster than ever before on 2 wheels. whether you are going to race bike, triathlon, or run i am positive Trevor can help you out. if you are interested get in touch with him:

Second up are some posts from Cody. he is going some pretty interesting testing between his hardtail and full-suspension mountain bikes. Check it out here.

i am pretty stoked for the upcoming weekend. i will be heading up to Bonelli park in San Dimas again for another weekend of cross racing. this weekend is Kross-tober-fest weekend with races on both saturday and sunday. so i'll head up saturday to race, and then head to my sisters for the night, and then head back on sunday to throwdown again. it's a good chance for me to get some points for the series. i am currently in 5th place in 3/4 men after racing 2 of the 3 races so far. they count your best 10 throughout the season. currently being in 5th also means i will get a call-up for the races this weekend which will hopefully make for a better start. i really need to be in the lead pack right out of the gate... that's the goal for the weekend.

training-wise i have just been cruising. some mellow running, riding, and also getting back in the gym a bit. nothing hard.

and of course with it being the "offseason" with NFL football and the MLB playoffs going on right now I have definitely been enjoying some good beers. i really hoping to resurrect my beer blog.

that's all for now.


Doug E. Phresh said...

Yes! Resurrect the beer blog!

MJ said...

Good luck at the races this weekend.

I like the bolts chances of avoiding defeat this week too ;)


Ryan Weeger said...

Stoked with the call up thing that is badass! Root on our angels baby!! theyre smoking the crapsox right now, love it.

kill em in bonelli this weekend, you dominate at that place

Ryan Denner said...

win race/dominate.
drink beer.

week after week