Monday, October 19, 2009

SCPS#6 Race Report: blowing it!

another CX race in the books and another learning experience.

on sunday morning brandon, B&L's time trial machine, and i headed up to long beach for SCPS #6. We got there a little earlier than we needed to make sure I was there to check out ryan's first go at cyclocross. he had solid race and crossed the line gutted... definitely earning some beers.

my race started 1:30 and I got the first call up because i was still leading the series. i got the spot i wanted and proceeded to completely blow the start. I was in way to big of a gear and found myself somewhere back in the 20's heading into the first turn and then almost got taken out when things bunched. the laps were pretty long (we ended up doing 4) and i had a lot of work to do. so because i blew the start i had to work really, really hard to get through guys on the tight course. i caught the lead pack at the end of the first lap and sat in. when crossed the start finish line i was sitting pretty comfortably in 5th.

I moved into 4th and then a 1/3 of a way through the lap I came around and jumped into second and sat on the leader's wheel and then eventually took the lead. we were still rolling 5 deep with me on the front. i kept throwing in surges trying to break up the pack but they were hanging strong until towards the end of lap. i was finally able to make a move stick and only 2 guys were able to come with me... both from Helen's Cycles.

so heading into lap 3, the 3 of us were pretty much off the front with me leading the charge. i really wanted to get away and kept throwing down attacks. i would surge and try to get away but they were covering everything. half way through the lap the 3rd place guy took a little spill and I took advantage by putting in a strong move and me and second place guy got away. i tried hard but could not get him off my wheel.

on the final lap it was just me and him. again i just kept trying to crack him but he was strong and hanging on. i was still feeling good but wasn't sure how much they guy behind me had in the tank. 3/4's of a way through the final lap i blew it. we hit the sand pit, which was barely ridable and i had been running it all race, and dismounted... and tripped... and fell flat on my face. 2nd place ran by me and I scrambled to get back on my bike. he got a gap just big enough that i had to give everything to try to get back to him. just as i was getting close, going as hard as i could, we hit some sandy turns and i blew the second one by going in too hot and that was it... game over. his lead extended and i couldn't get back on in the final minutes of the race.

i rode in in second place... and knew i blew but not disappointed at all. the race was FUN. i definitely made some mistakes out there. the start for sure... time to start practicing those. turning my self inside during the first lap of every race to get up to the lead group is killing me. i also need to make other guys work and take the lead. i shouldn't have pulled the group and sat on the front for the final 3 laps. once the 3 of us got away and i could not get them off my wheel i should have sat up and let them take the lead and do some of the work/thinking and then attacked from behind when i could tell they were slowing. lessons learned.

so it was another tough fun race. my next race will Storm the Beach on 11/1 which is the race the Celo Pacific puts on. I will be helping setting up the course and working at the race. It should be a fun weekend... but first... beth and i are headed to AZ on Friday and she is racing the Soma Half on sunday. she's ready to go... she pr'd this weekend in a tough XC 5k and has been riding solid, and killing it in the pool. sunday will be fun to watch. we'll be staying with my buddy tom and i am taking the mtb and am stoked to get in some riding with him.

...tonight is HUGE!!!! The bolts on MNF against the undefeated (and hated) broncos! I have some great beers in the fridge and am counting down the minutes until kick off!


GZ said...

I expect a blog post on how you handle disappointment tonight's disappointment.


Actually you know I don't care about that. Cool to see you learning the ropes from the tough stuff. I love that stuff.

runninggunner said...

Sounds like you were so close. Next time you'll get it. Enjoy those brews sounds likeyou deserve them.

Jason said...

Broncs all the way tonight baby!

Ryan Weeger said...

What is up with the bandwagonneers commenting on here about the broncos?

Get your halos hat out its a series!

IAN said...

Bro you're killing it in the cross stuff already! a grip of those Helen's dudes ride up in my neck of the woods and are strong. I might be down in SD for 11/1 race, I wanna come watch one of these. Congrats again

Charisa said...

Love reading about your cross racing - so different from regular tris and such. Glad you had fun!