Thursday, October 15, 2009

cross training...

good post recapping last weekend's races at outside all day.

so i have had some people ask me what i have been doing for training these days. to be honest i haven't really had any kind of plan. my last block of focused training was before the US MTB Cup Unification race and since then i have been just doing what I feel like and racing cross on the weekends. I haven't been training for "cross" because my fitness is still high from the solid plan Trevor had me on over the summer and leading into my final MTB races of the year.

so my weeks have been pretty much about recovering with some EZ riding and running through wednesday (assuming i raced on the weekend). On thursday I have been hitting the swami's early morning ride and then on friday I have been tearing up the local neighorhood trails on the the tricross! all the soccer mom's walking their dogs love me! then i race on the weekends. i have also been getting back in the gym.

i'm going to be all about cross training over the next few months... i don't mean cyclocross. beth and i just joined the YMCA that is a 5 minute walk from our front door. yesterday morning i went to a TRX/Gravity Boot camp. it was killer. 45 minutes of running, jumping rope, plyometrics, medicine ball throws, squats on the BOSU, and a lot upperbody and core work on the gravity. i was sore by lunch! I also bought my own TRX for home and plan using it often.

Gravity. the same people who make this made the chuck norris total gym... and probably the best infomercial ever!

TRX system.

i really enjoy lifting weights, functional strength training, and hitting the gym. so now that i am only focusing on one sport (cycling) i have plenty of time to get back in the gym and it's fun to try new things. it's fun and totally different from training for endurance sports which is a good thing... especially this time of year.

sunday i will be racing SCPS #6 the long beach CX festival at el dorado park. i have heard the course is really fun and I am stoked ryan will be coming out for his first CX race. he got his bike and monday and is jumping into the fun this weekend. stoked.

that's it... time to go ride.


runninggunner said...

Have a killer race this weekend. Can't wait for my next CX race. Going to be November 1st.

Ryan Weeger said...

Stoked for the race sunday, we will dominate like the halos will!

Carolina John said...

i often try to pass off sex as cross training. it never works.

Slater Fletcher said...

dude your going to get RIPPED!

I think we are going to race the cx this weekend too. Stoked Ryan got a bike too! See ya there!