Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kross-Toberfest Race Reports

Awesome weekend of racing and some killer photos from last weekends race in Irvine courtesy of Richard Miller!

this weekend was the Southern California Prestige Series (SCPS) Kross-Toberfest weekend with races on both saturday and sunday up at Bonelli park. I was really looking to racing two days in a row again. my body seems to respond well to it. the last and only time i have done it was the weekend of 9/19-20 when I raced my first CX race (2nd Place) and backed it up with winning the US MTB Cup Unification race on Sunday... which, ironically, were also both held in Bonelli park.

Saturday. Day 1.

one of the good things about cross is the relaxed start times. my race (men cat 3/4) always starts at 1:15. so even with the 80 minute drive up to San Dimas there is no need to rush around in the morning. plenty of time to relax and have a solid breakkie before hitting the road. i got to the park registered and watched a bunch of my Celo Pacific teammates have great races on a really fun course.

at 1:15 we were ready to go. i got a call-up this week because i was in 4th place overall in the standings so i was able to start on the front. this helped a lot. when the gun went off we were hammering up the road and when we hit the dirt and into a tight corners i was in 6th... right where i wanted to be. nearing the end of lap 1 i had moved into 3rd place and then went to the front before we got back on the road to the start/finish.

i was leading a pack of 5+ into lap 2 and controlling the pace. i kept throwing in surges, not to try and get away, but to just make the guys behind work a bit. then i blew it one of the run-ups when i couldn't get my shoe out of my pedal and a guy took the lead from me. no worries. i just sat on his wheel and then went back to the front near the end of the lap. i was liking being in control. entering lap 3 there 3 of riding together with a couple of others just off the back.

i wanted to get away. so i just kept throwing down move after move and was finally able to make one stick. once i got a way i didn't let up. i got a sizable gap going into lap 4 of 5 and was able to hold on for the win. my first CX win. i was super stoked and had a killer time. i love all the strategy and mind games involved. good racing.

after the race i cooled down for a bit, packed up the truck, and headed for my sisters in LA. I spent the rest of the afternoon chillen on the couch, watching the MLB Playoffs (damn i hate the dodgers), Ironman converage, and then unfortunately Florida taking it to LSU... oh yeah... and enjoying and ice cold Stone IPA and some epic black bean/steak chili my sister made. perfect day.

i was in bed by 9:45 and didn't wake up until 6:30am. solid sleep.


I lounged around a bit, ate breakfast, and watched the NFL pre-game shows before heading out.

pre-race breakkie quesadilla. corn tortillas, with Nuttzo and a banana cooked in the toaster oven... plus a lot of coffee.

I got in a solid warm-up and then it was time to race again. i got another call up and this time i was first because saturday's win put me in the lead of the points series. however this time i didn't have a great start... actually i blew it and didn't charge hard enough and heading off the road into the first tight corner i was sitting in 15th or so. so i had to work to do and I did.

by the end of the first lap i was riding in a pack of 5 including Griffith and Doug who I have been battling in every race so far this year. by the middle of lap 2 the 3 of us got away from others and then near the end of the lap i wanted to get a way so i put a move and got a small gap.

i hit the road heading to the start/finsh and put my head down and hammered and was able to extend my lead and I didn't let up. the race was 6 laps and i was heading into lap 3 with a solid lead and riding scared. i held my lead and then in the middle of lap i crashed in a turn and dropped my chain and it got wedged in my front der... always something. this let griffith and Doug close the gap a bit but as soon as i was back on my bike i went as hard as i could for 5+ mintues and was able to get all the time i lost back plus some more. i was able to hold on take the win for the second day/race in a row.

so it was definitely a good weekend of racing and I am learning more about cross racing every time i race. i love the tactics and head to head racing.

after the race i hung out for a bit and then headed home to hang out with beth... and get caught on all the football and baseball i missed!

last week i pick Pizza Port's fall seasonal High Tide Fresh Hop IPA and was saving it for after the weekend's races... and since I won my races I got to drink int out of the "victory mug"!

then we headed to Rimel's for an epic "victory meal". grilled scallops, sauteed veggies, and roasted potatoes.

awesome weekend... and there will be more racing next weekend. loving the fall!

congrats to everybody that killed it in Kona! gnarly.


GZ said...

Epic stuff. Love the shot where you are riding and the guy behind you is running the bike up.

Matt said...

Nice going on the race-and-recovery routine. Fast, confident and hoppy.

Something's gotta give in the angels v. yankees. let's hope vladdy or hunter or a bunch of em' catch fire and their pitching holds-up.

Hopefully the Dodgers blow.

lukejay said...

i SMELL an upgrade!

runninggunner said...

Killer weekend dude. Way to kick some ass!

J.P. Patrick said...

Another stellar weekend! What's your cx bike weighing in at?

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

new definition for off-season: even more racing and wins than in-season!
dude, I'm left with no words, congrats!

Jim said...

Just think, shortly we'll be living a Zack Brown Band lyric:

Got my feet in the water,
Ass in the sand,
Not a care in the world,
A cold beer in my hand,
Life is good today............

Cabo here we come........

Charisa said...

Awesome race pics!!