Saturday, December 26, 2009

it's been a good year...

2009 has been good... but next year will be even better. i will be marrying beth in a couple of days and can't wait for my first year, and a lifetime, as a "married" man. nothing else that has happened this past year (or the past 31 years for that matter) comes even close to comparing to what will take place on 12/30. I can't wait.

xmas was awesome. I had the week off of work to finish getting ready for our wedding and also to ride. i got in a bunch of different rides and went over the 10,000 mile mark for the year. it wasn't a goal until i looked at my log on monday night and realized that it doable. so with the help of some friends i knocked some fun rides.

sunday night i got a text from trevor and about riding on monday and even with as shelled i was from the final cross race i didn't want to pass up the oppurtunity. trevor has persevered through a year of injury and his motivation and drive is contagious. so late monday morning we hit sycamore canyon and tore up some single track. so much fun. i can't wait to get back out there and push each on some "race" laps.

i was stoked to head up to the OC on wednesday to ride with Slater. we got in 80+ miles and a lot of good chatting. he's an animal and will be charging IM St. George along with Beth and bunch of our other friends (luke, keevin, monique, mac, and more). i am really looking forward to logging more miles with slater and the crew. i have a feeling next year will be a big one for all of us!

some pre-ride fuel: breakkie sandwich. 2 gluten free waffles, Nuttzo, and a banana.

beth and i got out on xmas day for an awesome 3 hour ride. her coach (the grinch that stole my xmas!) had a big day planned for xmas day. 3 hours on the bike and 1 hour run. gnarly! but i am so proud of beth. she has been killing her training and following the plan. she's not adding anything, cutting anything short... just doing the work. i am really looking forward to her 2010 season. more so than my own.

so we lounged around xmas morning, opened some presents, prepped dinner and then around 11am headed out in perfect weather. you can't beat socal in december!

photos from the ride:
heading out on the coast

when we hit torrey pines we ran into jason

beth killing on the bike path...

we stopped for some fuel.

heading home on the coast

and if xmas day couldn't get any better... the bolts dominated the titans!

and with the end of the year i also ended my first base block of the 2010 season which was filled with a lot of mellow miles. i kept the intensity way down, no group rides, no intervals. the only intensity was the 2 cross races (both wins) in december. my body seems to respond really well to a lot of volume as longs it's mellow, endurance paced.

first base training block for the 2010 season: 11/30-12/26

* notice there is NO running in there. tuesday will mark 6 weeks of no running.

sunday I finished up the block with a solid mtb ride with ryan. 35+ miles and 5131ft of climbing. good times.

i really am fortunate to be able to train and hang out with some incredible, motivated athletes, especially my wife to be. they definitely have helped me push my limits and I am really looking forward to pushing them further in 2010.

Time to recover by surfing, lounging on beach, spending time with friends & family, drinking margaritas, and marrying a wonderful woman in mexico!

photo of the surf spot right in front of out hotel. can't wait!


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

congrats, good luck and all the very best for your wedding, marriage and 2010! I'm absolutely STOKED for you 2!

Luke said...

have fun bro! a solid year for sure...but 2010 will be even better!!

MJ said...

Congrats on the year! It's been fun to follow along.... the final chapter looks to be the best one yet. Have a blast down there!

Charisa said...

Congrats on your 10,000 & marrying a sweet girl :)

FatDad said...

Congrats man. Can't wait to see how 2010 shapes up for Team Walsh

Trevor Glavin said...

Nice job all around bud! When you get back we will hit the trails hard! Enjoy the time away and most of all enjoy your wedding day!

Mike said...

Hi James. Best of luck with the wedding. What software are you using to track your bike mileage?

Slater Fletcher said...

Awesome James! So stoked for you and Beth. Team Walsh 2010!!