Monday, December 14, 2009

rainy riding

killer photo taken by richard murphy at last weekend's race.

not too much going on around here last week and weekend... except getting ready for our wedding (16 days), xmas shopping (11 days to go), riding (everyday!), and xmas party hopping (4 parties in 3 days), and HUGE bolts win (8th in a row) yesterday... ok so kind of a lot going on.

by southern california standards we had a pretty rainy week and weekend. i actually like the rainy days and nights, but in the past i would have probably been pretty bummed and hit some indoor running and swim sessions. not this year. having a cross bike is making all the difference.

i still got in a lot of miles last week and all of them were outside. i heard about and saw a lot of people getting on the trainer but i didn't cave. i hit the wet roads on my cross bike and rode through some pretty crappy weather and rain.... but even with as wet as i got and how dirty my bikes ended up i still had a lot of fun and it was better than sitting on the torture rack (trainer).

a view from my saturday ride. i hit the cross country running and trails up at UCSD and had them all to myself. super fun.

beth we super excited to see the bolts dominating the cowboys yesterday.

final cross race of they year this sunday....


Matt said...

Running those eucalyptus is pretty fun too.

The chargers are just rolling along nicely (still under the radar). How about that 3rd and 12 on the first scoring drive (Home crowd, don't let the door hit you), and the goal line stand. Huge.

Can't wait for February which appears to be the month the younger will come see me.

runninggunner said...

having a cross bike seems pretty kick ass. We got snow this weekend, so the only option was the trainer. Good luck on the weekend.

GZ said...

Crap. Now JP and I owe ya six pack.