Monday, December 21, 2009

SCPS #15 Santa Cross... Game over!

good weekend.

last week was super busy at work as i was trying to get a lot before my 2+ week vacation. in the end i got it all done and now am in full on vacation, getting married mode!

on saturday i headed up to the santa ana's for and awesome off road ride. i have been wanting to get up there for the past couple of months but we just couldn't make it come together. so on saturday ryan, luke, eric, lauren, and I got on it. very solid ride.

3:50, 35 miles, 5994 ft of of climbing.

on sunday i was up and headed to woodlands hills for Santa Cross, SCPS #15.... the final race of the series. even with the big ride the day before my legs were feeling great and was feeling anxious to race.

Awesome Race and SICK course. the best all year. i was stoked have really good legs and got a good start. sat 5th wheel for first half of lap and then took the lead of the chase pack as one guy went off the front. i reeled him in and took the lead during lap 2. at the start of lap 3 a lapped rider standing on the side of the course dropped his bike as i came by and i hit and crashed! my chain came off and one guy passed me before i could get back on.

so i turned myself inside out to get back on the leaders wheel by the end of lap 3 and then took the lead. over the next two laps i just kept throwing down on the climbs and run ups and eventually cracked him with 3 laps to go. I just kept extending the lead. i took the win and overall series. so stoked. can't wait to race with the elite's next year!

i probably rode harder in the race than any of the races so far this year. the course was HARD. felt great!

My team, Celo Pacific also took the overall team title. I am really glad I made the decision to start riding and racing with Celo. A great group of people that are in the sport for the right reason... having FUN!

This week is going to busy... last minute wedding stuff, xmas, getting ready to go to mexico... and some riding for sure.


Luke said...

congrats on the win brotha!! solid ride this weekend too.

enjoy the vacation...and of course the wedding...try to remember the small things.

Pedal Circles said...

Congrats, dude!! Way to start off the vacay, the holiday, and soon the new year!

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...


Ryan Weeger said...

love how hideous those jawbones are. disgusting!

Charisa said...


Zippy said...

Great riding with you, Loren (sp?), Luke and Ryan Saturday. Looking forward to the Sage Brush per-ride.

GZ said...

Turned yourself inside out ... I like that.

Best wishes as you close down the year, and start the next chapter with your FW.

t-odd said...

That's awesome! I bet the elites can't wait to race with YOU next year. (Every time I read one of your race reports I always hear it in my head in that voice from the video Beth made. Especially when you say things like "turned myself inside out" and "kept throwing down on the climbs.") Enjoy your time off.

Sarah Huddyson said...

CONGRATS on the win!!!! and good luck with the last minute wedding stuff. :)

and, I haven't forgotten about your blog. I'm back into researching mode and actually NEED to figure out how to redesign a blogspot page for a personal project I'm working on, so I'll definitely be in touch. anyway, congrats again. that's so awesome.

IAN said...

Congrats on an Epic season. Even bigger CONGRATS on the coming nuptials. Live it up Brother!