Monday, December 07, 2009

Week 1 and SCPS #14 Race Report

this past week was the official start of my base training for 2010. since september and the last US Cup mountain bike race i have just been riding and racing cross on the weekends. nothing structured just having fun. i feel fresh and the legs are good. this next month will just be about some mellow miles and Cody is helping dial the plan of attack for 2010. he helped me get my cycling to another level in 2008 and I am hoping working with again this next year will do the same.

so this week was just some mellow base miles. nothing hard just logging time in the saddle with a little more structure. my rib is almost 100% so i am hoping to be able to get back in the gym and do some upperbody stuff this week. i have been limited to lowerbody and have been knocking it out. i am trying some new things strength training wise.

so after solid week of riding on headed up to the OC on saturday for Slater's b-day ride. we had a group of 15 and cruised for 2 hours one some trails i have never ridden good times for sure. next time i am staying for the bbq and beers!

slater trying to talk us into adding a "little" climbing. typical slater move. he got denied.

sunday. SCPS #14 Adams Avenue race at the Velodrome.

Good, hard race. Took the win but had to work for it early on. right off the start i tangled with a couple of guys going over a barrier 50 yards into the race. then had to work HARD to bridge back to front group. i eventually did and then sat in and recovered. half way through lap two i went to the front then made a move and was able to break group up... and then just kept hammering and got away. i got caught on the fireroad on lap 3 but then attacked again as we hit technical/single track section and got away... and that ended up being the race. just kept hammering.

finishing on the velodrome. stoked i didn't crash.

felt really strong throughout. i could have ridden some sections better. cracked my front rim blowing it on the run/ride up section twice. lame... but stoked to win.

post race. beat down.

podium shot. I won a Stone Arrogant Bastard 22oz. does it get any better?

i now have done 9 races out of a possible 14 so far with the finals left on 12/20. I am currently in 2nd with only 9 of a possible 10 races counted. so hopefully after the final race (my 10th scoring race) i will have enough points to win the series. yesterdays race was also the final race of San Diego CX Series (the 3 races in SD within the SCPS series) and by winning at Storm the Beach and on Sunday I took the overall for the SDCX series.

very good weekend. back at it tomorrow.

solid week.

oh yeah... and in case anybody missed it... beth made a movie (totally far fetched)... basically working me! i'll get her back!


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

"basically cyclocross is the sh!t"

Matt said...

the video is classic.

That race was in my neck of the woods. . . I do some running on those trails -- the urban trail!

drink up.

Shan said...

That video ROCKS! I fell out of my seat laughing. Basically, you have the best future wifey - EVER.

runninggunner said...

Sweet job on the race and taking the series.

Love the video, pretty hilarious.

IAN said...

I like Beth's afro in that flick. Keep upholding the image. But one of these days, your breaking out that TT bike.

Carolina John said...

OMG that video is hilarious. props to beth!

but really, we all know that 'cross is the shit.

Colleen said...

HAHAAHAAHAHAA i am still laughing out loud at your FW's video. classic. love it.

t-odd said...

Why do you insist on the bright greenish burkha for Beth? Will that change after the wedding?

I can't get enough of that video.

Nice job on the series win.

beth said...

I am an alien!

J.P. Patrick said...

FW rules!!

Toby Guillette said...

Hilarious video you guys. That was awesome. And congrats on another win, James. Way to keep on killin it

Sean Crichton said...

Why is Beth dressed up as a banana?

Todd Hatfield said...

OMG- that video is the ish!!

Rob said...

Man Im not even remotely familiar with any of that talk, but that video and dialect is hilarious! I hope somebody can translate it for me one day. Oh and just so you know...You guys are in Cabo and Im in Norfolk where it is 31 degrees and Ive been @ work all night. Not stoked. GREAT VIDEO BETH!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

That is hilarious. I did fall out of my seat laughing. Why does it sound so familiar to my everyday life?