Wednesday, October 31, 2007

2007 Xterra World Champs: Race Report

I am back in San Diego and still kind of in shock about my race. For the first time it all came together. My goal was the podium for my AG and I just missed it... by 25 seconds. I am not in anyway disappointed. I had the race of my life and took 20 minutes off my time from last year.

I usually write a pretty detailed race report but I don't have one right now. Everything went so smoothly that it all seems like a blur. So here's a quick one with some photos.

Everything went perfect. Very relaxed and felt good. No stress.

The swim was kind of rough and we started way down the beach. I got roughed up a bit but it's pretty much what I expected. I felt great swimming without a wetsuit.

swim split: 25:40 (128th)

I was stoked to get out on the bike and was feeling good. I was immediately started catching and and riding past people a lot of which usually ride away from me. I just felt good and really pushed it from beginning to end. I had some sketchy situations descending but pretty much just worked hard on the climbs and let if fly on the descents. I still really can't believe how good I rode. It was definitely my best performance ever on the bike.

bike split: 1:44:43 (43rd)

I felt good coming off the bike and new I still needed to work hard to maintain my place or move up. The run in Maui is just brutal. There is really no other way to explain it. I passed quite a few people and kept it together until mid way through the the "spooky forest". I kind of blew up in there but luckily it didn't cause me any places.

run split: 48:40 (26th)

39th Overall
8th Amateur (2nd American)
4th AG (1st American)

The actual placings don't mean much to me right now. I feel like I finally raced up to my potential and that's the most important thing. I am so stoked to end the season like this.

I will post more about the race and trip later this week. Thanks to everybody that sent me emails, text messages, and called me both before and after the race. I really appreciate all the support.

Here's some photos:

Talking with Jeff Smith (National Champ 25-29 AG) post race. Dirty.

Talking with Tom after the race. Probably something along the lines of how much I need a beer.

Now it's time to relax.


Benson said...

You are my new Hero! I checked results as soon as I could on Monday and Dude, you were SOLID! It was awesome to see how you cranked passed so many people on the bike and your runs have always thrilled me. YOU DID IT! and knocking 20 minutes off from a year ago...KILLER!
You represented the USA, Cali, Mafia, and yourself very VERY well. When I can get out to CA, I want to buy you a beer...or 3.

erik said...

Nice. It's been great following your progress and we're all stoked that your training has paid off in dividends. Excellent job!

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

Awesome job DUDE!!! congrats

Paul said...

Solid race James. You're in a tough AG!!! I was pulling for you!! Now go enjoy that giant Pacifico you're standing next to.

RWard said...

Great documenting shots! Well done on shaving 20 minutes from last year!

Rachel said...

Congrats! That's awesome to end the season on a high note. Way to go! Missing the podium by 25 seconds at the Championships? Stellar!

SixTwoThree said...

Nice! Very, very psyched for you!!! Consider this your virtual toast - right now it's a good cup of joe!!

Jim Vance said...


Cindy Jo said...

Nice job man! Enjoy the afterglow - you deserve it!

(And buy Tom a razor for his legs for Xmas.)

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Love your blog

Cliff Tam said...

jameson..congrats...looks like u definitely deserve a beer.

Matias said...

Whoa, I am floored by your performance. Congrats from an east coast fan.