Monday, October 08, 2007

Game on.

It's on. I have now entered the "peak" phase of my training and even though it has been a long season I have plenty of motivation going into these final weeks. My key workouts now will be race simulation bricks with varying intervals at race pace and also focusing on fueling as I would in the race. I really like these workouts because I love dialing up the intensity.

Recovery from these workouts is going to be as important as the workouts themselves. So I will definitely be very conscious of how my body is feeling and will make sure I am doing everything right to going into my peak workouts ready to go all out.

This weekend was solid. I had a good brick on Saturday. It was a tough MTB ride with over 4000ft of climbing and then a run off the bike in which I felt incredible. I really nailed my nutrition in this workout. Sunday it as a nice long run in San Elijo lagoon and a nice easy spin along the coast in the afternoon.

That's it. Here are some more photos from Tahoe:


Mallie said...

Can't wait to hear about your intense training. I should have something bright and new for you to look at in a day or two!!!

On a side note...apparently I'm a stud of sorts for doing five hours of hilly urban riding on the SS. Who'd of thunk?

SixTwoThree said...

Really cool pics! Glad you're feeling good about your training.

Benson said...

Great pics of you.
Good to hear you're rising to the occassion.