Friday, October 05, 2007

What doesn't kill you...

I'm recovering well:

The view from the Reno airport Monday morning. It was snowing on the drive from Incline Village to Reno. Crazy weather.

This is going to be the last post that about Tahoe and Xterra Nationals. I have got tons of comments, advice, and support based on my last post and bad race. I want to say thanks to everyone who posted some good comments and everybody else that either emailed or called me. It's rad to know there people actually reading and following along who are willing to take the time to drop me a line.

I took a lot from the race, both good and bad. Sitting here right now I am not disappointed and the race is behind me. I had a killer long weekend up there hanging out and training with Trevor, Cody, and Tom (and Brian on Sunday Night for beers and mexi-food) . They all had killer races and as always I learned a lot from Trevor and Cody. They both have a lot of experience, have had a lot of success, and are always willing to offer me advice/tips. That's what I'll take away from this past weekend.

Check out Cody's new coaching website.

They put my quote of on the big screen at the Night of Champions dinner the night before the race.... killer.

So my post race thoughts...

Mistakes made:
1. Wearing Blue Seventy wetsuit socks.
- they alone probably cost me a couple of minutes in transition, on the course, and didn't even keep my feet from going numb. In T1 it made taking my wetsuit off over them nearly impossible and I fumbled around in T2 trying to get them off. Next year I will just wear them down to the lake and for the warm-up and take them off right before the start.

2. Swim warm-up
- this was a tough call with it being so cold. I played it safe and didn't warm up as much as I probably should have. I was probably in the water for 10 minutes and I should have made it 20. I really wasn't ready to go for it at the gun, but I wanted to stay warm. I know now that no matter what the cold waters of lake Tahoe are going to get to me. I just have to accept it and deal with it.

3. Forgetting camelback
- this was just mental mistake on my part but it should not have derailed my whole race. I should have had a back up plan. I will stay taping 2 gels to my bike in case something happens with my planned nutrition.

4. Wearing too much gear
- Again, trying to stay warm on the bike. Under my wetsuuit I had an UA shirt on under my tri suit (this wasn't bad) and knee warmers. In T1 I put on a L/S jersey, decided to keep the wetsuit socks on, and then thick gloves once on the bike. I definitely stayed warm with the exception of my feet. The knee warmers were cool until I got to the run where one of them kept falling down. L/S jersey was a hassle, but probably worth the warmth it provided. I am always warmer on the bike that I think I am going to be. I need to remember this... and probably save me minutes in transition.

Good stuff:
1. The bike
- I felt strong on the bike and was riding by people and didn't let anybody get by me. The power was there. My goal was to break 2 hours on the bike (I rode 2:07 last year) and I am sure I would have if I didn't have to sit down on the trailside to put my shoe back on my frozen foot. I ended up with a bike/T2 split of 2:00:03. If my nutrition would have been on point I wouldn't have started to blow up on the last climb. So I think I would have been closer to 1:55. If you take 5 minutes off my swim/T1 time (last year I was 30min, 5 min faster than this year) and 5 minutes off my bike I would have been right around 3rd place in my AG.

2. Getting through the run
- The run was a struggle to say the least, but I still pulled off a top 20 run split. Considering how I felt I'm pretty stoked I pushed through. I definitely paid the price and ended up in the med tent, but I didn't leave anything out there.

3. Race prep
- I was feeling pretty sharp and rested race morning. I think the workouts and approach I took in the days preceding the race were right on the money. It was kind of a dress rehearsal for Worlds so I am stoked to have it dialed in and will have confidence in the approach.

That's it for now. Tahoe is behind and will serve as good motivation as finish up the last bit of training before Worlds. I am feeling good and ready to get after it this weekend.

Here's some photos from the weekend and this week and also link to a video of the race. There is a good clip of me in the video running over the log bridge. I am wearing the all red B&L kit and NUUN visor.

Xterra USA Championships Video

run between laps on the swim:

running into transition. I look like I am having a great time.

Heading out on the bike... what's missing?

Post race refreshments:

congrats to Will for getting the Mr. Xterra award. After his trip this summer there was no one even close to deserving this more than him. Big ups!

We're a lively bunch. Post race party. Actually we got out beers at the bar and then just chilled in the Hyatt lobby... we were all pretty beat down and tired.

my bike making it on the plane in Reno.

Dinner of the week: Basil & Pesto chicken/turkey sausage sauteed in EVOO and balsamic vinegar with garlic, red onions, cremini mushrooms, smoked sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red peppers, spinach and then topped with some dijon mustard and goat cheese. Whole wheat tortilla on the side.

work in progress.


Guernsey Man said...

Sweet log run, Grizzly!

Rachel said...

you have a great attitude. Keep up all the good work!

Erik said...

To quote Bruce Wayne's father "Why do we fall? So that we may pick ourselves up again." I'm stoked for you at Worlds!!!

xteric said...

Way to hang in there & finish the Nationals! A weaker man would have quit. Seems like you figured out that going hard will keep you warm. It works for me. See you in Maui where going hard will make ME overheat.

moonpie said...

Yum, I'm hungry!

kt said...

I totally dig how you broke it down into the good, the bad and the ugly and have made some changes for future races. You are a stellar athlete and just have to keep working on the fine tuning. Congrats and good luck.