Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Peak Phase: update #1

Saturday was my first peak workout and I had another this morning. These workouts have full blown race pace intervals mixed with some recovery. These workouts are tough as I am really trying to simulate the intensity I will be throwing down come race day.

In total I will have 6 of these workouts before Maui and each one will be a brick. The only thing that will change is the duration of the bike and run. As I get closer to race day (10/28) the efforts will stay really intense but the duration will be on the decline.

All the workouts will be done on the same course and will be paying close attention to my splits and hopefully seeing the times come down as I get closer to my "peak".

They only exception will be this weekend. I will substituting one of my peak workouts with a race... and a killer one. I will be racing the PBR Off Road Triathlon in Tempe, AZ on Saturday. Yeah.. that's right... a triathlon sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon. There is now way I could pass this up. Another reason for me going out there is I am going to start racing for Mafia Racing and they are putting on the race.

The course is relatively short compared to an Xterra off road tri, but the short distances is what I think will make it a good workout right now. I can go hard and it won't take too long to recover from. It's also a mass start, it should be in the mid 80's, and hopefully it will be a non-wetsuit swim. This will all make it good prep for Worlds.

750 swim - one loop in tempe town lake
10 mile bike - 2 laps in Papago Park
3 mile run - 1 lap

There is also a post race party sponsored by PBR.... good times!


erik said...

Nice good luck this weekend. I hope your peak fitness starts to manifest itself in your times rather quickly.

Cliff Tam said...

Have a blast this weekend :)..will be cheering for you :D

Benson said...

Ya gotta love that! This race fits your manta so well it's freaky.
Don't ya just love the peaking phase? Makes your body feel all sparky and tingely.
Have a fun race.

Fe-lady said...

Hey best of luck at Xterra Worlds! I got a slot, but pulled out after I DNFd at Ogden! So maybe another year....if Ogden was hard, I can't imagine what Maui would be like! Happy peaking!