Friday, October 19, 2007

Peak phase update #3

Just over 9 days away... 9 days and 2 hours to be exact (at time of posting!)

I'm ready.

I am feeling good and really starting to look forward to race. I can't believe it's only 9 days away. I have seen some really good numbers in my workouts this week. It's amazing what going into and interval workout rested and ready to throwdown will do.

My race simulation/peak workout wednesday morning consisted of an off road ride with climbs at race pace/effort followed up by my "xterra" running loop. The workout was done in a light drizzle and by the end I was covered in mud. I won't go into the details and splits but I will let you know that I set PR's on the long mtb climbs and smashed my checkpoints on the run. I guess that's what is supposed to happen when you're in "peak" mode.

my bike after the ride:

Things have been looking good in the pool too. I have opted to skip masters the next couple of weeks and just spend the early mornings solo in the pool at work. I like it. It's dark. The lights are on a timer and they haven't adjusted them yet. So when I get in the pool at 615am the deck and in-pool lights have already automatically shut off. It makes me feel hardcore... haha. I also get to swim solo and have been getting in very race specific workouts. I love swimming masters and the workouts are killer, but they are definitely not built around my training plan. Spending and hour swimming at work doing exactly what I need to is the way to go. I have one workout in particular that I am really liking right now... I will share it later.

Saturday will be another race simulation/peak workout but a little shorter in duration as we get closer to the race, but I will still be cranking it up with some full blow race efforts mixed with plenty of rest and recovery.

well that's it for now. I gotta go ride. I'll check in after the weekend.


Benson said...

Dang, you get up post. That swimming sounds ultra cool. You're solid.

Paul said...

Keep up the good work James. I'm looking forward to your results at Xterra Worlds. Congrats on joining the Mafia Racing team.

Anonymous said...

Jameson -
Man, how are you dealing with the wildfires in the S.D. area?

Hope you're alright and that it doesn't hinder your trip to World's. Good luck, mang.