Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm on Vacation!

As of 10pm tonight I am officially on vacation.... and I definitely need it.

My first month of training for 2008 is about 3/4 of the way through. I will finish it up with a big weekend of training and then head back to Virginia Beach for my rest week and some well earned vacation. That's one of the reasons I started my first block of base training at the beginining of December. I knew I would be heading back east for the holidays and wanted to line that up with a recovery week. Work has been super busy and that along with getting back into the swing of training everyday and the increasing volume has left me in a zombie like state most weeknights (sorry beth!).

Here's what my day looked like today.

5am - wake up, coffee
6am - masters (1 hr/3300 yds)
730am work - work nonstop from about 8 am to 4pm
430pm - Run (1 hr/8+ miles - Z2)

data from my run. new training peaks graph.

6pm - get home make dinner

part of my dinner. Egg scramble: 3 whites, 1 whole egg, feta cheese, and Trader Joe's Greens with Envy (brocoli, asparagus, spinach, and lima beans), and hot sauce.

7pm - head back to work for cutover
10pm leave work... officially start vacation!
1030pm - put on some recovery tights and poor a glass of wine... good start to my vacation!


It's a pretty typical day but work has been taking up more time than usual.

To say the least I am really looking forward to my vacation and spending Xmas with my family. This will be the first vacation I have taken in the last couple of years that has nothing to do with a race and the it will mark the first time I have been home for the holidays since 2003. It will be nice to be able knock back beers with my Dad, brother, and friends and not have to worry about an upcoming race and not to mention having to pack a bunch of extra crap and a bike.

Another bonus is the Chargers on playing on Monday Night Football on Xmas eve. I can't think of a better way to spend Xmas eve than having some drinks with the family and watching the Bolts "do work".

Training... I have a big weekend on tap before I get on my Sunday afternoon flight. As for next week it will just running and hopefully getting in the gym a couple of times. I will be performing a run test on the track but more on that later.

I will post again soon... Virginia can get boring...

here's a couple photos...

Me and beth.... before she dropped the hammer last weekend.

another training peaks graph. trainer workout. Training Right DVD: Climbing.

Have a happy holidays!


Cliff said...

hey Jameson,

U and Beth looks great. Have a great holiday.

barndog said...

"1030pm - put on some recovery tights and poor a glass of wine..."

I'm just glad that wasn't chardonnay. Nice discipline on the posted run!

Rachel said...

Nice work. You are very dedicated. Happy Holidays! I love how you have already finished 1 mo of '08 training. News flash: technically, it's still '07! Overachiever! ;)

Benson said...

The food and wine look like my kinda vacation. Wait, you just finished a month of 08 training! what the... FREAK.

ramon said...

Hey JW, looks like good times to me!! Happy Holidays and have a safe trip back home to sunny San Diego.

ramon said...

JW, Looks and sounds like good times to me. Nice work on the training! HAve a stellar holiday and safe trip back to sunny San Diego