Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kicking it on the East Coast

Another beautiful day in VB.

After a solid ride and a really mellow day of traveling I made it to Virginia late on the 23rd and have been having a killer time. The last two times I have come back here it has been for the Xterra East Champs and the last time my parents came to California to visit me it was the Cali 70.3. It is very nice to be able to just hang out and drink and eat whatever I want and just relax without the stress/focus that come with getting ready to race.

Pre-flight ride. Nothing 2:45 with 5,000+ ft of climbing!

Power data.

after a quick check in I was able to snag a seat at the bar in the airport waiting for my flight. Being able to knock back a tallboy of Red Trolley and watch football is about as good it can get in the airport.

Training wise I have done 2 x 60 minute zone 2 runs and hit the gym yesterday as the weather was shithouse. I have been staying very disciplined with my running. I have been paying no attention to pace and just making sure I keep the HR in check and focusing on turnover. Check the data below... yeah... I am pretty impressed with myself that I have been able to dial it back, resist the urge to run fast, and been able to keep the HR in zone 2 for large chunks of time. Hopefully this is building a good aerobic base and preparing me for the harder running that will come later on. I am really starting to get the itch to run again!

Getting to run with beth. wearing completely ridiculous gear helps with motivation to run slow/Zone 2... so does trying to keep up with a hot chick!

run data. Check all the time in Zone 2.

12.22 Long run with Beth around San Diego bay.

12.24 60 min run in VB.

12.25 clocking in another 60 minutes in VB.

Spending all this time relaxing has given me plenty of time to think about my 2008 goals. I will definitely post some of them up here soon, but not the race specific ones. I'll be keeping those to myself.

Dad doin' work.

the feast.

only on the east coast!

Time for me to get back to eating... and drinking. Happy Holidays!

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Paul said...

Cool Gear James, uh yah :) I like the victory or death skully! I've been wanting to find a good skully sticker for my bike and helmet. Happy holidays!