Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I am kind of lagging on the training updates but in away that's a good thing. It means there has been plenty of training going on, but also work haa been keeping me pretty busy.

A good chunk of my weekend was spent on the bike. I clocked in 7:45 in the saddle from Friday through yesterday. Friday was an 1:15 on the trainer while it was pouring (again) outside and then Saturday and Sunday were long endurance rides (Zone 2). It always amazes me that the more time I spend in the saddle the better I feel. Yesterday I put in the 3 hours with Tom (sorry for kind of blowing the "mellow - zone 2" ride) all around North County and could have easily rode another couple of hours.

I am slowly ramping up my running and got in about 15 miles last week and will extend that a bit this week. I also swam 8000 yards of mostly form/technique base swimming. The next two weeks are all about the bike to kick start my training before I head back to Virginia Beach for xmas.

I got an unexpected kick in pants yesterday when it comes to my swim training. I have just been keeping it really mellow with my swim workouts and swimming solo at lunch in the pool at work. Yesterday when I got to the pool at lunch I thought the water felt kind of cool and noticed the pool guy was there. I dove in and almost had a heart attack. The water was freezing and the pool guy confirmed that the heater was busted and would probably be a good week before it was fixed.

so what did I decide to do? Head back to Masters. My original plan was to keep swimming solo until January, but there is no way my scrawny butt is swimming in a cold ass pool and I need to be in the pool right now.

So this morning was my first masters session since mid October and it was quite the wake up call. The workout was 3600 yards and it was killer. I really enjoyed it and the motivation from the other swimmers really helped. I was pretty surprised that I was easily holding 1:22/100 yds throughout the workout. Not bad for December and the first time I have really swam hard in 6+ weeks.

ok...back to work...

here's a couple of photos from the weekend:

me and beth in the midst of one those "I am never drinking again" nights. good times.

mid-ride snack on saturday:

pre-ride fuel on sunday.

working on getting "totally yoked".

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