Monday, December 17, 2007

Killer Weekend.

First things first. I finally purchased my own domain name and you can get to my blog at:

The original URL ( should still work and redirect you to the new one.

Second. Be warned. This post will be a long one. I have ton of photos from the past weekend. Read on.

I haven't posted my race schedule for next year but one of the events that has really stoked is Vision Quest. It's an endurance moutntain bike event on 3.1.2008. This race will kick my ass. It's 56.5 miles with 11,000+ ft. of climbing. To say the least I will have put in a lot of miles to make sure this thing doesn't totally annihilate. I figure this race will be a good motivator to get out the door and ride. Saturday was my first ride with a group of guys that are also doing Vision Quest and Counting Coup (race on same day but just a little shorter).

We started at the east side of PQ canyon and road all the way out to sycamore canyon mostly on trails I have never ridden before. When all was said and done we got in 4.5 hours and 5300+ ft of climbing. The climbing was tough at the end but most of the ride was aerobic... just what I need.
Here's a map of our route.

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Elevation profile.

The guys stopping for some grub and to take of some layers.

One the of the best parts of riding with these guys is that they always bring some post ride beers.

Sunday was another awesome day. Beth and I were up early and headed for Orange county for Xterra Crystal Cove trail race.

Thankfully I was not racing and was heading up there strictly as the support crew. The race wasa gnarly 15k and she killed it.

I got a free ticket to the gun show as she was trying to intimidate the other runners.

She was the top amateur female and the only woman that beat her was Heather Fuhr... pretty amazing. She finished in 1:13:34. You can read her race report over on her blog.

Beth picking up her 2nd overall and 1st place age group hardware.

The course was brutal. I went for a what I thought was going to be a mellow 30 minute run after they went out. I just followed the 5k course thinking it would be easy. It wasn't. I ran very slow to try and keep the HR under control but the climbs were killer. It made me very thankful that I was not running in the 15k.

"mellow" run profile.

Even though we were headed up there for the morning I sill wanted to ride. So what I did do? Well I packed my bike in the car in the morning and then rode home from Laguna along PCH. It was a killer ride and a good 3 hours spent in zone 2.

getting ready to hit the road.

ride data.

I got home just as the 2nd quarter of the chargers game was starting. Nothing like chips, dip, and beer straight off the bike!

celebrating a chargers touchdown... no time to change.

The Chargers killer the Lions and clinched the AFC west for second year in a row.

to say the least it was a killer weekend....

last photo... Beth and I totally raided the Clif bar tent at the race. Nothing like free samples.


Ryan Denner said...

sweet blog dude. i am gonna throw in more mtb'ing in prep for IMLP this summer - i am gonna hafta stop by here a few times and get the recommended local routes!

moonpie said...

Good stuff man! Love that Mafia Racing kit!

Beth said...

good work. another weekend where you accomplished way more than a normal person and still made time for beer, chips, & football (& me!)

p.s. i feel famous just knowing someone with his own domain name.