Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's on: Vision Quest

OK... so I had originally planned to post a summary and review of my base training but that post is going to be lengthy. I started but don't have time to finish it. Work has been nuts this week so I have put it off until next week.

what I will be seeing plenty of this Saturday.

The big news is Vision Quest is Saturday. Vision Quest is a 56.5 mile mountain bike race/ride with 11,000+ ft. of climbing. Good times. I am pretty stoked about getting out there. This race has been what I have used as my motivation on my long 5+ hour rides. Every time I considered pulling the plug on my and heading home I would think about how hard this race was going to be. It kept me honest and that's exactly why I signed up back in October.

Elevation Profile.

more of the course.

I am stoked that I will be out there racing with Luke and Eric. Eric did the race last year so has been getting plenty of questions from me and Luke this week. I think we are already to go. I spent the night finishing up some work, getting the bike ready, and packing up all my nutrition. I am ready to go and if everything goes smoothly tomorrow morning at work I hope to be on the road by 2pm. I need to pick up my packet and check out where I need to be by 5:30am... that's right. The race starts at 5:30am!

So I think that's it. I made myself a killer Salmon burrito (more of this to come on Vo2 Maxxed later) for dinner and am now enjoying a tall glass of Block 50 cab before crashing. My recovery week is going well and I am feeling good and ready to annihilate myself on Saturday.

salmon burrito: wild caught salmon, whole wheat tortilla, avocado, red onion, salsa, spinach, red cabbage, and homemade sour cream/lime white sauce.

one last shot of the Vision Quest course.


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

Have FUN and kick some as' mate!!!

Cliff said...

11,000+ ft of times :)

runninggunner said...

Good luck this weekend. Rock the Course.

Big Rig said...

Enjoy the awesome VQ course! It includes some of my favorite trails in the OC. Watch out for Eric, that's his backyard.

That salmon burrito looks yummy!

Paul said...

Good luck man!

ramon said...

Throw down and get after it JW. Good Times and Good Luck.

emkruse said...

rock on!