Saturday, February 23, 2008

Training: Getting it done.

The past couple of weeks have been pretty crazy. It started when I left Thursday (2/14) for AZ and then the adventure that was the 24 Hours in Old Pueblo. Between then and yesterday I have been all over the place bu still managed to get in plenty of quality training. I haven't done a post where I have just straight up with through a week workout by workout in a while. Here's what I have been up to since then...

Sunday (2/17 - Scottsdale, Az):
Since we retreated from the race and had more typical Arizona weather we decided to get in a big day on the bike. Trevor, Brian, and I headed out from Tom's house towards Bartlett Lake. The 13 mile climb back up from the lake was rad. We got in a great ride and the scenery was epic. Right after the ride we hit the trails that are right outside Tom's door. Trevor was planning going for an hour and somehow convinced me to do the same. The last 25 minutes of that run were at a fast tempo... and it felt great!

Me and Trevor at Bartlett Lake.. before the climb.

The climb up from the lake. As Trevor put it, this was me and Brian having "social hour".

Ride: 5:09 - 86 miles
Run: 56 min - 7.05 miles

Monday (2/18 - Scottsdale, Az):
I had to get back to San Diego and then head straight up to Irvine for a training class all last week. So I got up early, hit the pool and then the trails around Tom's house for another killer mountain bike ride. Right after the ride I headed back to San Diego. 6 hours later I was home and was only there long enough to unpack, repack, and grab a burrito with Beth.

swim: 45 min - 2500 yards
Ride: 1:48 - 13.8 miles - 1920 ft of climbing

Me on the ridge Monday morning. It was a pretty much a perfect morning.

you can see the single track we just climbed up... the descent was a good time.

map and stats of the ride.

view from the top of climb next time I am out there and have more time I am going to ride it all the way to the top.


Tuesday (2/19 - Irvine, Ca):
Being the person that I am I brought my bike and trainer up to Irvine. So Tuesday morning it was the first of my two weekly "mandatory" trainer sessions. Then it was off to class. Right after class I ran out to Upper Newport Beach park (onlyt 1 mile from the hotel) for a trail run.

Ride: 1:30 - 22.52 miles - Gnar trainer session
Run: 47 min - 5.95 miles - exploring

hotel setup.

Wednesday (2/20 - Irvine, Ca):
I was planning on heading back out the trails for a long run, but the bad weather the followed me from California to AZ made its way up to the OC. So instead of a trail run I hit the hotel tready for an interval session... and it was a good one. I always hate the thought of running on the treadmill but when I am done with a workout I am always stoked. After class I headed to the biggest 24 hour fitness I have ever seen for a strength session.

Run: 50 min - 7.2 miles
Strength/core - 60 min

mega 24 hour fitness.

Thursday (2/21 - Irvine, Ca):
Same as Tuesday. Trainer session number two and trail run in the evening.

Ride: 1:38 - 24.65 miles - Gnar trainer session #2
run: 57 min - 7.27 miles

trail run around the bay.

hotel: gear storage... training indoors = mega sweat sessions

Friday (2/22 - Irvine, Ca):
Last day in Irvine... Finally. I got up early to more crappy weather and just got in a mellow workout. Our class was complete around 1pm and I headed straight back home to Carlsbad. Later in the day got in 60 more minutes of running. Bumping up the frequency of my running has me feeling really good.

Ride: 1:05 - 16.5 miles - CTS MTB Vid - Mellow
Rune: 58 min - 8.08 miles

Saturday (back in Carlsbad):
Finally back home and the weather was perfect. Unfortunately my long ride was anything BUT perfect. I headed out early (6:45am) to meet with with the Break Away crew and immediately started having some issues with my bike. Long story short I drove up to Nytro (knowing that they open early for the Swami's ride) and the mechanic hooked me up. Rear derailleur adjusted and power tap hub batteries changed. Then I was finally on the road to meet up with the team. I was about 20 miles into my ride and had to use the bathroom so I pulled off and let them go. The two minute break left me hammering trying to work my way back into the pack but I was hitting every single red light. I descended down to San Elijo Hills to find the group waiting ahead on the side of the road. I figured some had a flat and I wish that was the case. There was a crash... and a bad one. 5 guys went down. 3 of the guys had minor road rash and Erik came away with broken wrist. Unfortunately Luke got the worst of it and had to be taken away in ambulance. He's still in pretty bad shape. 30 minutes later we rolled out again. We were all pretty shaken up from just had just happened and I couldn't believe the "dumb luck" I had. If hadn't stopped to use the can I would have been right up in the mix (I usually try and sit on Luke's wheel on the flats) and probably would have went down too.

I rode all through Elfin Forrest and Del Dios with Shane and Chuck and we just let the group go. I parted ways with those guys in La Jolla and made my way back home only to have my rear derailleur cable snap right after descending Torrey pines. So I road to B&L and then got me going again.... and then I finally finished my ride.

Ride: 5:12 - 86.35 miles - 3001 kj

More bad weather. Due to the rain in the morning I slept in a bit, lounged around on the coach with Beth and then headed off the gym for a strength session. Got it done and then headed home for more lounging. The weather finally started to break so we headed to Cardif for get in our long runs along the coast. We ran together for the first 5 miles in the drizzle and then she headed back. I pushed on down to the Torrey Pines parking lot, grabbed some water, took a gel, and then headed back as the sun came out full force.

Run: 1:43 - 14 miles - avg HR 152

and that concludes my crazy last couple of weeks and my 2008 base training. This week is a much needed recovery week and the I have Vision Quest on Saturday. I will review my Base phase in a post later this week...


Paul said...

Wow hotel trainer sessions!! hardcore. Bummer to hear about Luke and Erik. Hopefully those guys are OK. Gotta be safe out there.

Rachel said...

Good job! That really sucks about Erik and Luke. Scary stuff. Awesome climbs you're doing!

Cliff said...


Sorry to hear about the group who went down. I hope Luke is getting better soon.

I have no love for the treadmill. I started spending more time on it due to weather and if I need to squeeze in a few min of running here or there.

Benson said...

Best wishes to Luke and Erik.
Great job by you and your base training week. Holy crap that's a lot of work well done.

TRI-ROB said...

Run is lookin GOOD bro! Base work is suitin you just fine... keep it UP!

Don't you just love the looks from the hotel staff as your brining in your bike, trainer, and all the other crap... like the huge bag you carry all your nutrion in? Priceless!

You're going to have a great season James!