Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Damn... I forgot how much running-only races kick my ass! I don't think my body was really ready to go as hard as I did, but it's the only way I know and that's why I have be very careful with when and how much I race.

They posted the results and a write-up on the trail race. I ended up 8th overall and 3rd in my AG even with my little detour. I'll take it.

I woke up Monday morning and could barely make it to the bathroom. My glutes, calves, and especially my hip-flexors were screaming at me. Thankfully this week is a recovery week and I had a massage lined up first thing Monday morning. I knew I would be hurting but had no idea how much.

Tuesday morning I got up and knocked out 4250 yards in the pool and that kind of helped my loosen up my legs but there was still no way I was going to get the trainer session in that I had planned for the evening. I still did end up getting on the trainer but instead of the interval workout I just spun for an hour, which seemed like 3. Riding the trainer is like doing time when there are no intervals... but it did help. Then I spent some alone time with the foam roller. I was able to get in the trainer session I had planned Wednesday morning and then also a mellow run at lunch. I felt good on the bike and like crap on the run. It's pretty much what I expected. Then it was more time with the foam roller and marathon stick.

I am pretty stoked as to where I am with training right now. I am seeing a lot of progress on the bike so I know the specific training I have been doing is paying off. Cody has me on a very specific 12 week trainer program which consists of two ~90min workouts a week. I am pretty stoked that I have stuck with the plan. At first it was hard to get on the trainer when the weather outside was definitely nice enough to get out an ride. Now, with the progress I am seeing, I am actually looking forward to these workouts and have complete faith in the plan.

This week I started week 5. Just to give you a little taste (I can't let out all the secrets) her is one of the intervals from Wednesday mornings session.

Standing Tempo Climbing. 50-60 rpm. 30 minutes. Big gear, perhaps

53/14. 2.0-4.0 watts/kg. Surge 15-20 rpm for 15 seconds at the

top of each of the last 10 minutes. This will double tempo

power up to 8 watts/kg. Aim for 100% of LTHR by the end of

the last surge.

Here's the graph and data. I was working my ass off the last 5 minutes!

Yellow = Watts, Red = HR, Green = Cadence

Power-Tap #7 - 30 min climb:
Duration: 30:01
Work: 397 kJ
TSS: 44.5 (intensity factor 0.943)
Norm Power: 226
Distance: 9.794 mi
Min Max Avg
Power: 104 448 221 watts
Heart Rate: 120 181 161 bpm
Cadence: 50 80 60 rpm

This weekend Beth and I doing 23rd Annual Guys and Gals 4 Mile Couples Fun Run put on the by the San Diego Track Club. It's a team race and the teams have to be coed. They combine your ages to get your division and then take both racers time to get an overall score. It should be fun and it's flat on-road 4 miles. Since it is a recovery week for me I will be using this as an LT field test... but of course I will have put in some solid time ride time on Saturday.

Here's my dinner from tonight. Curry Chicken and steamed veggies. For more info check Vo2 Maxxed.


emkruse said...

You were sore after running that fast? What, are you untrained? Ha!

Cliff said...


Ain't all workout started out like the intervals? At first we hate doing it. Then we see some improvements. Then we start loving it.

Paul said...

Nice work James. Bummer about the detour. But leading a race is tough!! :) I know what you mean about the trainer...I've seen so much of that lately...and plenty more in my forecast. I almost fell asleep on mine last night...

Benson said...

Wow, your workouts are awesome. I like all the details.
I'm still ticked that you got detoured. Nice results anyway.
I hope that recovery includes rehydrating with pints of frosty amber nectar.
That couples race sounds like tons of fun. Good luck.

moonpie said...

Yeah that's surprising you were SO sore for as much as you run!

Ah yeah, I wonder who will win the couples run...LOL. Hope you two wear some cool matching clothing and gear!

Endurance Performance Coaching said...

Nice work on the tempo climb in week 4 on the trainer. These climbs with surges will give you a good intro to LT work on the bike. Keep it up. You'll be flying on the bike come April!