Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's time...

First off... check VO2 Maxxed for a guest post/recipe from my Dad.

OK. The time has come and things are changing.

Number 1.

First of all I will be racing for the Breakaway Training Elite team this as well as helping them out with coaching. I met with Felipe and Luke from Breakaway a couple of weeks and we discussed the possibilities for me. With racing on their team comes a lot of great sponsors. So far the ones I know about are:
Look Bicycles

I will be racing on this epic machine:

Hi-Tech Bikes

As a member of the Elite Team I will be racing the KOZ Enterprises San Diego Triathlon Series. It's a series of road races (2 olympics and 3 sprints) and they fit really well into my Xterra race schedule. I will not be tapering for these races but I definitely expect to toe the line and throwdown with the boys in the "Elite" division.

Number 2.

I have been selected to be on the PowerBar Elite team. Last year I started experimenting with PowerBar products during racing and training. I used the bars, gels, endruance drink, and recovery drinks and they worked well for me. So I started using PowerBar exclusively leading up to nationals and worlds and finally had my nutrition locked down. So I applied for the Team last September and just found last week that I was selected. This is another great opportunity for me and the sponsorship will last for 2 years. Stoked!

Number 3.

I have decided to race the entire Xterra USA Championship Series. While I was in AZ this past weekend the boys convinced me. It should be a good time. I will start the season in my own backyard in Temecula and then head out for an Southeast and East coast road trip in June. Then in August I will hit up the Mountain Champs in Ogden, UT and then make the final push towards Nationals and Worlds.

Number 4.

This is a plug for Trevor and some of the best gear I have ever used. Trevor has been working to bring Skinfit to the US and starting in May it will available to the public. They will launching a US site and blog soon so keep on the lookout. Click on the image above or the link on the sidebar to check out the main Skinfit site to get an idea of what they will be offering. I will racing and training in Skinfit gear this year and am stoked!


GZ said...

Congrats on the sponsorships and team joining. Good work.

Ryan Denner said...

HO-LY SH!T. nice work man, that is freakin phenomenal. Talk about blood, sweat and beers paying off. Absolutely killer.

btw, peep the blog for a pic inspired by you.


Zippy said...

Thoroughly jealous that you have some freaking awesome sponsors. Does that mean you get to ride Look's SICK-ASS carbon hardtail MTB?

emkruse said...

Congrats on the sponsorship deal! I have the Look 555 and absolutely love the ride quality. And you're racing all the championships? You're going to have an epic summer.

TRI-ROB said...

Bro... you earned every last one of those perks! All the hard work has paid off in a BIG way! You should be proud... I know that anyone who reads this blog is! CHEERS!

Don't forget to keep BREATHING...

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

Looking good man....LOOKing good ;P

runninggunner said...

Congrats on the new setup. Should be a great season for yo.

Lucho said...

J- Nice work on earning some support- seriously! After Kona in 2000 I had 7 endorsement contracts and found that they actually distracted me from training and racing well. Nice gear is nice to have- but remember that you got to be a bad-ass with out it. Keep the focus on the work.. and the sponsors will follow.

Paul said...

Congrats on the sponsorships. I'll see you at Superseal if not before. Your schedule looks jam packed!

Benson said...

Congrats dude.
Your training and racin ethic is paying off. Like lucho said, I hope you can stay focused on kicking ass. Probably not a problem for you.
That Look bike is sah-weet!
Good stuff man. Enjoy.

beth said...

very proud of you as you know! but i just looked at your race schedule....uhhh...see you in november?

barndog said...

speed, looks and brains, beth makes a lucid point.

moonpie said...

Wow man congrats, in a BIG way!!!