Sunday, February 10, 2008

Log it.

This past weekend was one of those weekends that reminds me that I don't want to leave Southern California any time soon. The weather was perfect and I got race, ride, and hang out with some awesome people while out training.

After 5 solid days of recovery (that I definitely needed) I got back at this weekend... In a big way.

Saturday was my biggest ride of the year. Even though I have been on rides with similar duration the intensity of this ride was up a bit at times as well as the distance. I rode out met up with the boys from Break Away training for their weekly ride. It was in the upper 40's when I left my house but I kind of under dressed because it was supposed to warm up... and it did. When I ended the ride it was close to 80 degress, not a cloud in the sky, and was riding sans arm/knee-warmers for the first time in a while!

All the guys I rode with were strong and it was apparent that I have not been working on my top end yet and these guys are used to hammering. I was able to latch on to most of the breaks but some caught me off guard so there were a couple of times I was off the back and to work my way back up. Overall it was a killer ride and I will be riding with these guys in the future, especially as I get closer to race time.

the ride:.
5,5 hours
95 miles.
work: 3064 kj
normal power 199
avg HR 145

Sunday it was time to run. Beth and I race in the 23rd Annual Guys and Gals 4 Mile Couples Fun Run put on by the San Diego Track Club. This race has been going on for a long time and there were a lot people out there who have done the race for years.

I was basically using it as a run test to set my LTHR and LT Pace. I head pretty heavy legs from the ride the day before but overall felt good. We both went out fast and had good solid races. I finished 1st overall with a time of 22:37 for the 4.08 miles and Beth wasn't too far behind with a 26:06 and was the top Female. My goal was to negative split the course and I did so I was happy with that. We won the couples title (combined times) but were a couple of minutes off the record set by Paula Newby Frasier and Paul Huddle. We were pretty stoked, but the best part of the race were all the people out there. There was such a mellow, good spirited vibe and everyone
was just trying to have a good time. That's what I'm all about.

Race Data:
Distance: 4.08 miles
Duration: 22:37 (5:32/mi)
Avg Hr: 187
Max Hr: 192

After the race we got in another 50 minutes trotting around Mission Bay and just enjoying the weather. It was perfect! Then we hit the Naked Cafe for a chronic breakkie!

Banana and Blackberry pancake.

That's it. I have another solid work lined up and a lot going work before I head out for Arizona on Thursday afternoon for the 24 Hours in Old Pueblo and a weekend of mega training! I will be racing as part of a 4-man team and can't wait!


beth said...

some girls make their men buy fancy things on valentines day. I just make mine enter a "couples race".....nothing says "be mine" like a solid LT test...

Benson said...

Hey, Big Congrats to you two!
Wow, what a great weekend. Nice to read this and get a big grin on.

Ryan Denner said...

damn... now thats a BIG weekend.

Jameson said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend. Congrats on 1st place!

I'm officially jealous and need to start planning my move to California. It is 4 degrees in Boston with the wind chill.

moonpie said...

I knew you guys would win - am I good or what?

And nice headbands, but no skulls to be found? wtf?

Zippy said...

24 Hours at Old Pueblo...I'm jealous...

emkruse said...

Smokin' fast race to you both.

Also, thanks for the recommendation re. the MTB training video. Might have to pick that one up.

skinfit said...

I LOVE those pancakes!!!!!
The Naked Cafe is where its at!
Congrats on a solid run.

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...


I´m definitely training my ass off in not so sunny Torrevieja, but at least it´s a lot better than back home so I can´t complain.

The protocol I used for my test was super simple. I started at 125-150watts and every 5mins I upped the zone by 25watts. I ended when I couldn´t hold the desired wattage for 5mins anymore.

JP Flores said...

nice job on the race!

The Naked Cafe is one of our favorite spots for breakfast. I usually get the soy chorizo and egg burritos (than eat the pancakes my daughters can't finish). :-)