Friday, November 14, 2008

Almost Famous...

OK... so I am nowhere close to being famous, or would I want to be but I just had a couple of good write-ups done about me and I am stoked and grateful that people would even take the time to mention me.

In the Sports section of this morning's San Diego Union Tribune there is an article about me winning my age group at Worlds. I did the interview last week and really didn't know how it would turn out. The writer, Glae Thien, did a really good job and I really can't believe it's on the 2nd page of the sports section with a big photo, and opposite a story of the Padres possibly trading Jake Peavy. Nuts.

Here's the online version:

The second write-up just came out in the Xterra newsletter which highlights all the age group world champs. The below photo and text are from the newsletter.

30-34 - James Walsh (Carlsbad, CA) 2:55:17 – James Walsh had an unbelievable race at this year’s XTERRA World Championship. After three years of racing and training, he accomplished his goal of being crowned an XTERRA World Champion and was 2nd overall in the amateur division (top American). Walsh was out of the water in 131st and from there blew past the competition with his age group’s fastest bike and run times. He finished nearly 10 minutes ahead of last year’s 30-34 champ Alexander Eiler.

Other than that I have just been having fun riding and running whenever I feel like it.... and enjoying sampling many new beers. I have been able to run with Beth quite a bit which is always a good time, even if she makes me wake up at 5am to do it.

This weekend Trevor and I will be racing as a 2-man team in the 12 Hours of Temecula. It's going to brutal but a good time for sure. I know a bunch of people heading out to race so in between laps should be fun if I am not too shelled!

Then on Sunday, if I can walk, I will be up mega early to go watch Beth cane the Silver Strand half marathon. It's a point to point race so I will be dropping her off at the start and sitting around waiting for her at the finish. I am guessing I will see her hot little face when the clock shows 1:27:50. There's my prediction. All she wants to do is break 1:30 which should not be a problem with the kind of shape she is in.

So I should have a good update for next week with everything going on this weekend and hopefully I will have a bunch of photos and video taken with my NEW CAMERA. I had to get a new camera because Beth thought it would be fun to take photos at 530am on Wednesday before our run while wearing kid gloves. I don't mean "kid gloves" like she was being cautious and careful, but actual kid gloves from Target. She bought 10 pairs a couple of weeks ago. While taking a self portrait she dropped the camera, it hit the table, and then straight to the ground. The camera was busted! So we took that camera to get fixed and I got a new one, another Canon. I wasn't to stoked with the Nikon anyway so this was a good excuse to go back to Canon.

that's it.


GZ said...

Walsh was out of the water in 131st ...

GODDAMN. Whatcha do the doggie paddle? ;)

Very cool for the props in the mags and paper. Take it while you can!


beth said...

haaaaaaaaaaaa....GZ is rad...
i think it was the chicken paddle.

good job babe. can i get your autograph?

j.p. patrick said...

Great article!! How far can you and your bud ride mountain bikes in 12 hours... Colorado?!! GZ and I can set up an aide station stocked with beers for you guys!

Pedal Circles said...

Nice!! I love Canon's btw. Which one did you get? Mine only last about a year, but last year that was 28g worth of pics and vids. So, not too shabby.

Good luck to you guys this weekend. Cheer me on when you blow by if you don't mind ;)

Matt said...

Dude, you deserve it . . .all the beer! And the press coverage. LCBD.
La Costa Big Dog. Lap it up!

Luke said...

congrats on the write-ups bro! the hard work paid off!

registered pro...ready to lay it down tomorrow?

Stephanie said...

So very cool! Your Maui 06 swim cap that you signed for Jake may actually be worth something someday...You better have saved copies of the paper for the family!

Good luck tomorrow to you and Trevor and to Beth on Sunday.

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

dude! they should make a Triathlete magazine James Walsh special edition!

Jim said...

Killer coverage. The East Coast connection may be working.

I'll have a copy of the article from the Union Trib on my bulletin board at work tomorrow.

You definitely have shown that hard work and dedication still pay off. You have had that drive since you were seven years old, or at least that's when it became evident.

what's the next challenge? Could it involve a ring?:)

GZ said...

My aid stations are stocked with PBR and my own home brew. JP - I am not sure we could have confit there though.

Jim - it ain't a challenge if you love it.

runninggunner said...

Awesome job on the Press!!! Keep enjoying the beers.

Sarah said...

That was such a great article! Congrats!!