Sunday, November 16, 2008

a busy weekend!

Well it's the offseason... sort of.



Trevor was in town all week getting work done for Skinfit and his coaching business which means I have actually had a training partner. He conned me into going to Masters on Tuesday which totally wrecked me. It was the first real swim workout I have done since Maui. I also got in another killer run with Beth on Wednesday. It was a good week.

The weekend end was gnarly.

On Saturday Trevor and I raced in the 12 hours of Temecula as the Skinfit/Matisse & Jacks team in the 2-man division. To those that aren't familiar with endurance mountain bike racing this means that during the 12 hours we would be trading laps. The goal is to get in as many laps as you can in the allotted twelve hours. Each lap was 10 miles with about 1300ft. of climbing and took us both about 50+ minutes per lap.

Trevor on the start line.

The course was tough and there were definitely some really sketchy spots. Our goal was to just complete 12 laps and we did which was good enough for 3rd place but it was hard... really hard. It was definitely one of the toughest races of any kind I have ever competed in. My total stats for the race were:
6 laps (two night laps)
5:28 riding time
58+ miles
8000+ ft of climbing

It was really hard but I had a lot of fun. I finally got to meet and hang out with Allison and Justin. Good people for sure. We pitted with Justin (pit crew), Allision (racing solo), Luke (racing solo), Jens (racing solo), and Tommy (racing solo, single speed!). So me and Trevor were the only team and we got to witness some amazing efforts by our "crew".

Allision - 10 Laps - 1st Place Solo Female Pro
Luke - 11 Laps - 2nd Place Solo Male Pro
Jens - 10 laps - 1st Place Solo Expert and winner of the Series
Tommy - 7 Laps

These guys are hardcore and I have no idea how they do it. I was so impressed and blown away with what they did. I was, and still am, shelled by the six laps that I did.

After the race we packed up and I headed home to get what sleep I could before getting up early Sunday morning to go watch Beth run the Silver Strand Half Marathon. To no surprise to me she killed it, pr'd, and reached one of her season goals. Check out her race report... I am proud of her and knew she could do it.

my champ.

After the game we hurried home to watch the Chargers game and re-hydrate (well at least I did).

The rest of the day was spent lounging, watching the Chargers blow their season, and we even got in some time by the pool. It was 85 yesterday and I don't think summer is ever going to end.

Lucho has created a monster.


Luke said...

great to have you guys out there! you know...they have another one of these things in january ;)

Trevor Glavin said...

It is going to take some serious work on your part to get me back out there ;) Yes, I am still feeling worked!!!!
Good time, good times!

MarkyV said...

After she's done with Daniels she can read noakes... FYI... it looks like a phone book. :D

j.p. patrick said...

We had snow here in Boulder County on Friday and you guys are lounging by the!! Great races for both of you and now on to Vegas baby!

Pedal Circles said...

I think you guys need to go for a 3-peat next year ;) jk!

Freaking Chargers...

FatDad said...

Sweet job on the race! Killin it even in the off season.

runninggunner said...

Nice race. I'm going to have to trick fatdad into doing a 12 hour race sometime.

Matt said...

Slacker. You and Beth are Front page news!

Dan said...

I guess JW "off-season" means doing all the same stuff, and getting a few beers and snacks in. Great job on the race!

It was nice getting to meet you and your lady in person on Sunday.

I've decided to give up on the damn Chargers and just root for team JW/BG instead.

Justin said...

dude it was great hanging out with you on Saturday!

all these needy solos don't do much to keep a brother company: roll in, get bottles, demand lube, shove somthing in their mouths, roll out.

you are trevor were awesome pit mates! hope you come out and ride with us some time!

Flatman said...

You guys are such rock stars...enjoy your time off!

Sarah said...

You guys have so much fun, I love it!

Great job on that crazy-sounding race.

A friend of mine is doing one like that early next year but it's an 8 hour mt bike race. I can't even imagine 8 hours, let alone TWELVE! Nuts!

Glad you had such a good time and hooray for off-season beers, relaxation and a CALIFORNIA WINTER! Isn't it awesome?