Monday, November 10, 2008

"Offseason" Training Camp!

The past weekend was awesome. It's everything an "offseason" weekend should be about... Mountain biking, trail running, good eating, football watching, and plenty of beer drinking.

Trevor showed up at my house early Friday afternoon with a ton of Beer... I am not kidding. He hit up the Firestone Walker Brewery the day before and picked up a bunch good beers including a 64oz growler filled with unfiltered Double Barrel Ale... my favorite. After a mellow afternoon ride in perfect weather we headed home and started to work on the growler!

Saturday morning we were up early (only the second time since worlds that I have woken up to an alarm) to head out to Temecula for the Racers and Chasers XC race, which was part of the Hillibilly Bike Bash. I was stoked that Beth headed out with us. Trevor and I are now racing for the same team... Skinfit/Matisse & Jacks. We got our new kits in the mail just in time for the race. They're sick!

The race... it went OK. It hurt and I had to work hard but I was able to win my age-group and so was Trevor. It was a good debut for our team and a good time. Luke also had a solid race, handily beating me overall, but placing second behind Trevor. I am glad he's kicking somebody else's ass for for change! Next week will be a big challenge when we are racing the 12 Hours of Temecula as 2-man team.

me and the real champ.

After the race we headed home and then I showed Trevor of my training grounds at work. Then it was home for some dinner and good wine, provided by Luke. Having a good friend whose family owns a winery has its perks. Like trading sport nutrition for wine!

Sunday morning all 3 of us headed out to the "ranch" for a run. Beth had 18 miles to get in a was meeting with some friends and I just wanted to show Trevor more of the training he has in store when he gets all settled down here in SD. We ran super mellow but in some really windy conditions. Poor Beth had to battle 30 mph winds and rain on the coast for the last 10 miles of her run. She's tough!

The rest of the day was filled with watching football on the couch, with more good beers and good food. The weather was pretty crappy so spending a day inside was perfect... and the Chargers finally got a win... barely. They still aren't looking very impressive.

It was a great weekend and next weekend is looking like much of the same.... there's still plenty of beer to drink.


Luke said...

good times bro! glad ya liked the wine. see ya next weekend!!

runninggunner said...

Sounds like a killer weekend. Are those tri shoes you're wearing on the bike?

Jim said...

Good race. Good new kits. Good beer. Good food. Good wine. Good run. Good friends. Good woman. Good football.

Good grief, could it get any GOODER?

Zippy said...

Sounds like a great off-season. We'll all have to get together for a ride before we start cranking the training back up. I'll be in Ventura this weekend, so no cheering and drinking at the 12 Hours. More on that later.

You and T-Dog are gonna KILL it!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you really know how to recover. Nice job, James! I still have to read your race report, I'm a little behind. AND I still have to post some new recipes, I KNOW!

Anyway, glad you're enjoying all the goodness the off season has to offer! :)

Benson said...

Nice kits dudes. And great races too.
Dang that Growler looks good. I'm drooling over here.