Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey, Travel, and Trotting

I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's all about hanging with the family, eating & drinking too much, and watching football. I really like Christmas too, but the stress of shopping and buying presents kind of kills it. I would rather focus on the hanging out, eating, and drinking.

Beth and I are headed out to the Palm Desert to spend Thanksgiving with my aunt, uncle, sister, and nephew. It'll be a small crew but fun for sure. After the big day on Thursday we will be heading to LA on Friday to visit some of Beth's friends and stay with my sister.

Then on Saturday I will race. Twice. First is the Xterra Topanga Turkey Trot which is a gnarly off road 15k.

Elevation profile for the 15k.

Then we'll haul ass home and head to the Cal State San Marcos track for the 5th Edition of the North County Beer mile. I already have the PBR in the fridge!

So the holiday weekend is looking full and fun.

Other than that my awesome girlfriend has transformed. See she is normally going nonstop. Between work, school, and training she has some very busy days and I am usually on the sidelines just trying to do what I can to help her out. Well this week, with it being a holiday week for her school, she hasn't had to go to work. Not to say she isn't busy because she has her marathon training and his finishing up a HUGE project for school.

But somehow with all that going on she has morphed into a cross between Betty Crocker and Rachel Ray (but say hotter in my opinion). In the last couple of days she has made Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Pie, Chicken-veggie-spinach soup, Butternut and apple soup, cranberry sauce, artichoke spinach dip, banana oat scones, but I am probably missing something. I think that's it. And it's not like she is just following recipes either, she makes all kinds of tweaks to turn most of these holiday treats very healthy. Good looking out dog. And if that wasn't enough when I got home from work yesterday she had also done laundry, cleaned guest room, and was cleaning the kitchen floor! That's why she's the champ! Hopefully if she has a spare minute she will get around to posting some of her recipes on Vo2 Maxxed.

Chicken Veggie soup. Mega healthy and sooo good.

Whole wheat banana oat scones. Maybe one of the best things she has made... for me at least.

They are not going to last long.

Time to go eat!


Trevor Glavin said...

Uhhhh, where do I sign up?! Seriously, my body is ready for the beer mile!

Luke said...

damn!!! i shoulda waited till after dinner to read this post.

SixTwoThree said...

She's a studette - for sure! Happy Thanksgiving guys :-)

FatDad said...

for sure broseph,
Get those scones up on VO2! I'm still making Beth's granola. First post of hers that I ever read.

Anonymous said...

Good luck in the beer mile James! I'm sorry, but your skinny ass might get creamed unless you're in better drinking shape than we think.

check out:

for inspriration. Pretend it's Xterra World Champs all over again.

I participated in many Miller Miles at U.C. Davis in the late 90's and even a Tequila 2-mile (don't ask, it was ugly) but I admire your motivation. I expect a full race report and lap splits on your blog! Is it 4 beers or 5?

Good luck,


(lurker linked to your site from my college buddy Paul Wellman)

Dan said...

Your stomach is stoked! Have a happy Tday, a great weekend, and try to avoid having to do the penalty lap.

I got a laugh out of these guys:

The 3000m Vodka Steeplechase
7 shots, standard 3k steeplechase

runninggunner said...

Definitely need the scone recipe. Although, I just tried making my own.

good luck in the beermile. That is definitely an event I want to run one day.

Matt said...

The beer mile looks wack!
Reminds me of college when we would take a 12 pack and . . . .

Good luck!

Sarah said...

You guys are the cutest! I want the recipes!

Can't wait to hear about how the beer mile goes...

Benson said...

I'm gaining weight just reading this and looking at the pics.
I'm stuffed.