Monday, November 03, 2008

Operation Normal Life: week 1 recap

Is it really November already? Perfect sunny day on the coast.

Ok... I don't really plan to post a "normal life" update every week, but I thought it was fitting considering all my "operations" leading up to Maui.

The past week has been great. I got back in town late Monday night and was really glad to be home, but right back into the grind at work. I'll be super busy at work the next couple of months which is a good thing. I like working my ass off in the offseason so I don't feel so guilty when the spring and summer rolls around and I cut back on the work hours. So between now and the new year I will be working quite a few nights and weekends... no worries.

As far as the "normal life" is concerned it's been really good. I have not woken up one day to an alarm since I have been back. That's been really nice and I am now in a sleeping groove. I did some riding and a couple of runs over the weekend with Beth. Just good times and to get the junk out of my legs... and to balance the amount of chips and adult beverages I have been consuming!

I am trying not to go into full-on offseason mode just yet. Beth is 5 weeks out from the Las Vegas Marathon and needs to remain focused. I don't want to be too bad of an influence by staying up late and eating whatever I want. So I am going to try to help her remain focused and ready to kill the marathon. So I will still be on a semi-healthy eating plan until after the marathon, which is good for me too because I am going to run the half mary in Vegas. Gotta earn my partying... right? I'm also going to run with Beth whenever I can. Yesterday I joined her for the second half of her long run. It still blows me away is doing 20 mile runs like it's nothing. It's impressive... and she pretty much caned me yesterday, but it was a good time for sure.

I'm trying to be supportive, really! Keeping Beth company while she was spinning her legs out.

Beth enjoying a cold beverage at dinner on friday night. don't tell her coach!

After the run yesterday and a quick stop by B&L it was home to the couch, football, beer, and chips & dip. Don't worry the chips and dips were pretty healthy. Two kinds of organic baked tortilla chips and a healthy chicken/bean dip I made.

The other highlight of the weekend was a killer dinner Saturday night. We headed over to Mac & Meredith's for good times and V02 Maxxed worthy feast prepared by Marky V. Mark grilled a bunch of fish and chicken, made a killer salad, and some saffron rice. Beth and I brought the wind and of course some frozen yogurt for desert. Check Vo2 Maxxed for more details.


Maggs said...

You're such a good boyfriend. Mine tried all the time to sabotage my diet and fatten me up.

So where's the recipe for this healthy chicken/bean dip?

Enjoy your down time!

beth said...

thanks for the help :) we know someone's gotta have the self control in this family and it ain't me. thanks for posting the picture of me drinking a beer at dinner and not the one of me drinking it on the trainer...

operation lock down for beth starts today! thanks for being my nutrition coach :)

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

WOW, now that's support!

Way to go bro!

And party hard when you've really deserved it :)

Jim said...

So, I guess this means a version of TJ-lite :)

Enjoy the down time. You've earned it.

allison said...

BTW, does the trainer just look at the wall? I need more stimulation than that! Is there a TV out of sight?

Trevor Glavin said...

Save some beer for me!!!

Jim said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jim said...

Correction: "THIS crazy old white man"

Greyson Scott said...

i cant begin to tell you how proud of you we are. i'm stoked that all your crazy hard ass training paid off. i know you've been happy with all your results but nothing compares to this. WORLD CHAMP.. i just bummed that we couldn't of been there cause i knew you would do it. so enjoy your "time off" you deserve it. can't wait to see you

much love,

kerrie said...

i'm telling. she's so busted.