Thursday, April 05, 2007

a down week....

Well this week has defintely been a change from the recent norm. I have just been hanging out with friends, eating food I normally wouldn't, and just relaxing. I still have had daily workouts, but I am still in recovery mode. I have been sleeping and just going with the flow. Tomorrow I have a swim and run and then the Padres home opener. I am thinking I will sleep in, run, go to work, swim at lunch, and then it's off to the game.

I watched "What it Takes" this morning as I spun away on the trainer. What really made me think is when Peter Reid was talking about his diet, and his "self diagnosed" eating disorder. A lot of that reflects to what I have been thinking this week. After eating so healthy and clean for the last couple of months I have felt really guitly indulging in not-so-good food and drinks this week. Every bad thing I have been eating has made me feel guitly, but it hasn't stopped me. Two weeks ago I had a fitness test and they did a body fat test and I came in at 3.7%. That's probably too lean.

So this week I am just living it up. I have 2 baseball games to to and after having to work late for an upgrade tonight my brother and I headed to a sports bar to watch the Pads try to sweep the Giants (didn't happen). We had beers and nachos... and chicken wings! I need to kind of let go and relax and recover. I worked really hard and was really focuesd on the 70.3 and I need to let go of that race. The next 3 weeks are going to be tough ones. Jim uploaded my schedule and it looks like fun, and by fun I mean it's going to kick my ass. A lot more intensity than I have had so far this year. I have 2 races on back to back weekends and I am training through them with Temecula being my next "A" race. So staring Sunday it's on. I will be back to the training diet and hopefully packing on a couple pounds of muscle over the next few weeks.


I am into this song from one of my favorite bands, "Say Anything":
Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too

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xteric said...

Hey, looks like we have the same schedule through Temecula. Looking forward to racing with you again. Great attitude; way to bounce back from that 70.3! Sooner or later I'll find time to update my site.

TRI Vortex said...

I got that DVD for Christmas. It really helped my wife understand why I'm so addicted to triathlon. She is not a movie person and I'm a DVD nut. So when we started the movie on Sat and SHE suggested that we finish it the next day, I was exstatic. She finally gets it, but then again it could just be that she's happy she can wrap her arms around me again.

Benson said...

You are one lean SOB. Although I question the accuracy of the body fat test unless you did by the submersion method. I had about a 6-7% fat test result at the health club and then did the submersion test at the university and had a 14%. a 50% differance. Enjoy some endulgence, you deserve it.