Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Taking it easy and getting back on track.

ok... so I kind of lost my mind for a quick second after last weekends race. Right away I started looking for another 70.3 to do. Having that bad of a race after how prepared I was and how hard I trained was definitely a disappointment. After talking with Jim and my family I have come back from the "ledge". I don't want one bad race potentially affect my season and my goals in Xterra.

I am still contemplating the idea of doing the Baja 70.3 on 6/10, but we'll see how the early season Xterra's go. I finally found out my work travel schedule and I will be get able to get in both the Arizona Xtreme Desert Triathlon (4/21) and Xterra Castaic (4/29). The races are on back to back weekends I am going to train right through them. I really want to put in some solid training for the Xterra West Championships in Temecula as that is now my #1 focus.

I have just been taking it easy so far this week. I have been getting my mountain bike ready to go and ready to put in some serious training. I am really looking forward to adding a lot of intensity back to my training. The longer stuff was a nice change and did build up a good base, but I thrive on the hard training and really pushing myself. I have let my super healthy diet slip a bit this week too. I have definitely been enjoying some beers and some foods I have stayed away from the past couple of months. I'll be back to the full on training diet next week and adding some calories in hopes of packing on a couple pounds of muscle in the coming weeks.

I am really looking forward to the weekend and it has nothing to do with Triathlon. Friday I am going to the Padres home opener and then also going to the Saturday night game. I can't wait to be in Petco with a cold one watching Greg Maddux make his debut for the Pads. They won their season opener yesterday against the divisional rival Giants. It was a day game and watched from the comfort of my office while I got caught up on work.

If you haven't heard of "sopcast" I suggest you look into it. You can basically stream and live games (mlb,nba,etc) for free. Check out the links:
Sports Channel Directories

That's it. Here are some photos from the race.


barndog said...

your a fiend. i don't blame you for wanting a mulligan. stick to the plan. i think you'll be hungrier and justly rewarded.

jp said...

glad to hear you got the race in perspective. There are plenty of kick-ass races in your future.