Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm back... and I'm stoked

I have been anticipating today's workout ever since Jim uploaded it into my schedule. It's couple of weeks of hard stuff. I have races on back to back weekends and will be training right through them. I have been cracking out to start some intensity.
I had an easy swim and run yesterday and was feeling great during both. My focus was defintely back. This morning was my first day back at Masters since the 70.3 and I felt pretty good. It was a solid 4000 yards with some solid fast stuff. I really need to take my speed in the pool and apply it in races.

Then this afternoon it was the workout I have really been anticipating since the day after the 70.3. It was a mountain bike ride with hill 4 repeats. It was supposed to be 4 x 3 minute climbs with 2 minute recoveries, but I had to to kind of change it based on where I was going to ride.

My intervals were as follows:

#1 - 10:31 min/.87 mile/587 ft. total ascent- Back side water tower climb

This is the climb to the top of hill where I was going to do my three other intervals. I have a killer loop up there. After the intitial climb I descended some super fun, super rocky, fast single track.

The next three intervals were shorter and more intense. After each climb I rode the same gnarly single track down and each loop I really was able to speed up and really attack the steep switchbacks. This loop is really going to help my riding. There are aspects of both Tahoe and Maui courses up there.

#2 - 3:29
#3 - 3:28

#4 - 3:30

I came home from the ride and was stoked. Getting out training on the trails is so much more fun than the long steady state rides I have been doing so far this year. I can't wait for my first Xterra next weekend.

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Benson said...

You make me green witn envy. I'm really jonesing to mtn bike as soon as the snow melts and the trails dry up. I like your intervals and it looks like you're in great shape. Good luck at xterra!