Friday, April 20, 2007

a quick one... from AZ.

We got into town yesterday afternoon and the weather was perfect. Sunnny and in the low 80's. We are staying with my friend Tom in Scottsdale and as soon as he got home from work we headed out for Saguaro Lake for a pre-ride.

The course is just how I remembered. Sandy, not to techinical, a couple good climbs, and some super fast and fun rollers. We rode for about 1:20 and just made out of the trails before dark. I am talking full-on desert dark. Pitch Black. For the last couple of miles we hammering and racingthe sun. By the time we got back to the care we had to turn on all the light just to get changed and pack up.

After the ride it was home to quickly shower and then head out for some grub up the street. The restaraunt was solid and after a seared Ahi tuna salad and a Fat Tire draft it was time to head back to Tom's pad and crash.

This morning I was up around 630am to a fresh pot of coffee, my laptop, and a huge bowl of oatmeal. We hung out for a bit and then rode a quick 6.5 mile single track loops that started just out the door of tom's crib. His location is killer. Now it's time for some more food and a coffee.

Later we are heading to the lake for packer pick-up and an easy swim. Then it's on for tomorrow morning. Should be fun.

I am so bummed I forgot my camera when we went on out ride last night. The view of sunset from the trails was killer.


barndog said...

Now I'm jealous. I can picture the whole thing. You do it well my man.
Tear it up tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

J_Dub: Win this thing today. Do it.

Sorry I couldn't be a part this year! Say "Hi" to Cheryl Palen if you see her!