Friday, May 30, 2008

just trying to maintain...

Wednesday was probably my hardest workout of the year. After Temecula I consulted with Cody to try and determine the best way hold to the fitness that got me on the podium. I have basically gone back into a peak/race phase of training with addition of a little extra volume this week.

I decided to really push myself Wednesday morning both on the bike and run. I wasn't too stoked or disappointed with my run in Temecula... it was just kind of so-so. I kind of shut it down at the end but definitely think I can go faster. So I decided through this next peak phase to nail my t-runs and make them challenging.

First the bike... I got out on my local trails nice and early and got to work.
2 x 15min technical single track climbs
2 x 10mn steep fireroad climbs
2 x 2:30min all out climbs
Plenty of of fast descending.
Totals: 2:09:19 - 18.35 miles - 4038ft of climbing.

Then it was time to run the same trails. It's the run Beth and have named KOM, King of of the Mountain, or QOM, Queen of the Mountain for her. I love this run... and it's hard.
Totals: 1:03:08 - 8 miles - 1467ft of climbing

I know the length of the run is a little longer than a typical peak session, but it felt great. My peak workouts from here on out will decrease in length and volume but the intensity will remain very high.

I was sticking to ~30 min transition runs during my build up to Temecula and I don't think that's long enough for Xterra. Most of the runs on the Xterra USA circuit are about ~35-45 minutes long. I need to remember that when I start planning for my next A race, which isn't for a long time.

That's it.... more fun training on tap for the weekend.


Cliff said...

hey Jameson,

You know its fun times when charts are spread through the posts.

Keep it steady...

Benson said...

I love reading your training sessions and seeing those graphs. You really do good hard quality work dude. Keep it up and stay well.

Great new header photo. You are fly'n!

GZ said...

That is pretty wild how the HR dips at the peak - where you begin to recover from killin the hill - and then drives back up as you begin to push the pace back down.

We are going to have some fun if you guys come to Colorado.

Matt said...

Nice to see the updates.
I forgot you're back in peak phase.
Nice schedule!

Nale um!q

TRI-ROB said...

NICE climbs...

Glad your nosin the grind-stone...


runninggunner said...

Looks like some pretty killer workouts. Should definitely be ready to kill it.