Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Recovery mode (mega photo and video post).

Holy crap! The race on Sunday totally kicked my ass. I woke up Monday morning and felt like I got hit by a truck but still managed to get out for an easy 60 minutes of spinning. It wouldn't have happened if I wasn't cruising out to meet Beth, and I am glad I did. I always find it better for recovery to do an easy spin the day after a hard race and then take the following day totally off.

Here's a video from Dan Hugo's (2nd pro) site. I think this does a good job of showing how hard the race is... even Conrad is power-walking the hills!

Monday night was spent at Petco Park in great seats with my sister, nephew and cousin watching the Padres get their asses handed to them by the Cardinals. Knocking back plenty of beers both before and during the game made it very enjoyable just to be at the park hanging out.

I don't have much more to say about the actual race. It just went well and I will be using this momentum as I prepare for the Xterra Southeast Champs (6/8) in Alabama and the East Champs (6/15) in Virginia next month. I peaked for Temecula so hopefully I can maintain this fitness through those two races but that wasn't a priority when I was planning my season. Temecula was the goal race for the first half of the season so I am going to have a little more "fun" with these races. I will be traveling to these races with all my Xterra homeboys... Trevor, Tom, Cody, and Brian. It's going to be Awesome!

the crew... minus Cody. He's a pro so he's too good for us!

They posted the results and split times from the race and I am pretty happy with my progression from last year. My swim was a little slower but the course last year was two laps and wetsuit legal where as this year it was one loop and a non-wetsuit swim.

Overall: 2:45:25 (2007: 2:54:40)
Swim: 26:09 (2007: 25:02)
Bike: 1:37:13 (2007: 1:45:48)
run: 42:03 (2007: 43:50)

The biggest improvement by far is on the bike and that's where most of my focus has been so it's good to see the hard work paying off. A big part of my improvement on the bike has been from the help and guidance I have been getting from Cody Waite... but more on that in an upcoming post.

I have a big "Thank You" post in the works. There are just too many people that are constantly helping me that I need to make sure I don't forget anybody. Even though triathlon is an individual sport what I am doing is definitely not a solo effort.

"Team Walsh" in full effect.

a bunch of photos from the weekend...

Me, Trevor, and Cody after the race... so glad to be out of the sun.

Me, Luke, and the Caveman Conrad Stoltz (the winner). He is obviously asking me for tips on mountain biking.... haha... He's such a cool dude...

My homeboy Jim Vance and me after the race. I think he owes me some beer!

Matching stauche's. Me and my uncle.

Chillen with the family post race.

Another killer photo by Rich Cruse.

putting on my game face.

first climb out of t2. Yep.. that's me in the center of the shot.

My uncle enoying the refreshments!

Bringing it home!

almost there.

swim exit.

The first club aquathlon is tonight and I'll be there... but just swimming. My legs are no need of a hard 3 mile run right now. We'll get back to that over the weekend.


moonpie said...

Excellent pics and video bro!

Looks like a killer time, and look forward to seeing the results of your upcoming race!

Benson said...

great pics and again, great race!

Fe-lady said...

Congrats on your Temecula race and AG win. I am not doing Xterra this year as my focus is an Ironman, but I am finding I am missing mountain bikeing (even tho slow!) something fierce.
So maybe I will try again next season! (see ya there?)

GZ said...

Awesome photos. Glad to hear that you are taking a break. That is often a hard step for me ("damn that was a good race, I need to capitalize on that!")

The 'stauche pix are killer.

Nice job JW. Enjoy this ride!


TRI-ROB said...

Amazing improvement on the bike James! Testify mah brutha! When preparation and opportunity collid! BOOYAH!


Matt said...

Cool pics. . .great video.
Seems like a fairly tight community,
humble and fired-up!

Luke said...

you did give conrade some good!

Matt Genovese said...

you dont run, you fly, look at the pic of you 6inch off the ground, WITH BOTH FEET! Freaking Sick!

JP Flores said...

Great helps to be at the pointy end of the field! Good seeing you down at the club race last night.

Shan said...

Sweet pics - I really want to do an X-terra sometime...must just get over my fear of ROCKS!

Have a great weekend!

Jim Vance said...

Dude, I've decided after IMCDA you can buy me a couple of pitchers at the Tap Room! I laughed when I read I owe you beers!

Did Cruse send you those pics?


conrad stoltz said...

Great blog! Well done dood.
See at the races...
Conrad Stoltz