Monday, May 12, 2008

The work is done.

My second "peak" week came to end yesterday after an easy spin along the coast and after another very good weekend. I am ready to go.

On Saturday morning I headed to down to Glorietta Bay with Beth for the TCSD club race. It was an early morning but I definitely got a good night sleep the night before. My plan was to just do the 800m swim portion of the club race and really push it. The swim course ended up probably being closer to 1000m which I was stoked about. I swam the course once to warm-up and got back to the beach a couple of minutes before the start.

I considered not doing another lap because I was kind of cold. So I stood on the beach while everyone got ready to go. The race was huge for a club race with 150+ racers. The gun went off I was still standing there contemplating what I wanted to do. After about 30 seconds I decided to swim thinking would be great practice trying to swim through the entire field. It was rough and I was able to make almost all the way to the lead pack of 10+ guys. It was a good swim and I felt good.

I left Coronado and headed for B&L to meet Jim to head out to Temecula for one last pre-ride/run on the course. Once we got out to Temecula it as warm and we knocked out a couple laps of the course and then a quick run off the bike. I was feeling good on the run and actually dialed back a little bit in the latter half. On the way back I tripped... again... and ate shit...again. I scraped up my knees, shoulder, arm, and hand... again. I think I need to start wearing body armor when I am out running on the trails. It's nothing bad, just annoying, and they should be healed up by the weekend.

The shoulder. sweet.

The bike course. Jim posted this graph on his coaching site...

Yesterday was another mellow open water swim and then an easy spin. I was feeling really good. It was one of those days where your legs feel so good that you just want to hammer... but of course I didn't.

That's it. Time to get ready to race!!!

here's a photo of a killer turkey taco salad beth made last week... she's earning her keep!!!


dave said...


Have a great race this weekend!

emkruse said...

Go get 'em in Temecula.

ramon said...

Sweet dude. Sounds like you're ready to blast the course. Gnarley bike loop, you'll kill it though. Throw down and go hard. Good Luck!

runninggunner said...

Weird. I am reading this just prior to making dinner and tonight I am making a turkey taco salad.

Good Luck on the Weekend.

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

you're so gonna kill it, bro! best of luck,be strong and upright!!

Cliff said...


Is ok. The scars will heal anyways. Have a great race this weekend :)

Benson said...

Nice rash.
Good luck, kill it.

FatDad said...

Time to hand Temecula a good ole fashioned James Walsh-style beat down.

D a v e P said...

Good luck this weekend! The weather should be perfect.
Go do it!!